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Create an official website

Regardless of how old-fashion your clients are, you still need a website to increase your online presence. Your website is a go-to platform for potential customers and quality leads. They will know everything about your brand through your website, be it product information, contact information, business location, etc.

Just like google listing, it serves to promote your website 24/7. It reflects your brand’s values and distinguishing characteristics. Moreover, it is also essential to measure important metrics, such as traffic, open-rate, bounce rate, etc. 

Create an official website

AHAs and BHAs

Gentle exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs are good for your skin. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acids and BHA stands for beta hydroxy acids. These are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory exfoliators that rejuvenate your skin without damaging it. Many products offer this ingredient in their exfoliator, so read the ingredients at the back before buying a new exfoliator and try to use it regularly in your skincare routine.

Stimulate your nipples

Stimulating nipples cause the uterus to contract. This might bring about labor as nipple stimulation increases oxytocin production. Oxytocin hormone causes the breast to eject milk and the uterus to contract. In fact, it is the same hormone that causes your uterus to shrink back to its original position. However, you will have to breastfeed your baby right after the delivery.

If you do not know how to stimulate the nipples, you can use a breast pump. Other than that, nipple stimulation also reduces the chances of postpartum hemorrhage, avoids medication labor induction, and augments labor. 

Count to 100

As straightforward as it may seem, this works wonders! The reason it works is that counting to 100 diverts your attention from whatever you’re angry about so you don’t blow a fuse. It gives you a few minutes to cool off before you do anything that you’ll regret later. 

Count to 100

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