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Regardless of how old-fashion your clients are, you still need a website to increase your online presence. Your website is a go-to platform for potential customers and quality leads. They will know everything about your brand through your website, be it product information, contact information, business location, etc.

Just like google listing, it serves to promote your website 24/7. It reflects your brand’s values and distinguishing characteristics. Moreover, it is also essential to measure important metrics, such as traffic, open-rate, bounce rate, etc. 

Create an official website

A good way to Shiloh from Fredericksburg

When driving from Fredericksburg to Shiloh this is my suggestion.

Port Tobacco Historic District
Causeway Road, Port Tobacco Village, MD 20677
Chesapeake Health & Fitness Club
620 Bay Front Road, North Deale, MD 20751
Rustic Lane, Dover, DE 19901
NJ 08353
The best route to Shiloh from Fredericksburg

These were my stops going to Thompsonville

If going to Thompsonville from Plainsboro Township look in on Boulder Brook Equestrian Center. It's a nice stop!

Try it.

Plainsboro Township
Boulder Brook Equestrian Center
291 Mamaroneck Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583
CT 06082
The best route to Thompsonville from Plainsboro Township

The best trip from Alford to Ellsworth

While going to Ellsworth from Alford I suggest hit Dunkin' Donuts for a tasty meal!

Tesla Supercharger
Hooksett Rest Area, Hooksett, NH 031063
Dunkin' Donuts
242 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096
ME 04605
The best route to Ellsworth from Alford

The best trip to West Stockbridge

When going from Bayonne to West Stockbridge I suggest hit ShopRite for shopping!

NJ 07002
Croton Expressway, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
17 Bridge Street, Kent, CT 06757
West Stockbridge
MA 01266
The best route to West Stockbridge from Bayonne

These were my stops from Lexington Park to Mansfield

When driving from Lexington Park to Mansfield this is a suggestion.

Lexington Park
Arundel Mills Mall
Mills Drive, Severn, MD 21076
Saint Pauls Church
4360 Board Road, East Manchester Township, PA 17345
Weis Market
Jpm Road, Linntown, PA 17837
The best route to Mansfield from Lexington Park

A good route to Pearl Beach from Dauphin

If driving to Pearl Beach from Dauphin this is a nice way: make a stop at Polly's Ice Cream for some tasty frozen yoghurt!

Polly's Ice Cream
Twenty-Eighth Division Highway, Franklin, PA
Pearl Beach
MI 48001-4369
The best route to Pearl Beach from Dauphin

Going to Vado with a stop for a place worth some time

While driving from Willard to Vado first pay a visit to Trinity Site Obelisk, it is great. After that stop at Adobe Bismarck Battleship for a nice experience!

Trinity Site Obelisk
Wsmr P Route 13, Socorro County, NM
Adobe Bismarck Battleship
Wsmr P Rt 6, Otero County, NM
The best route to Vado from Willard

A good trip from Polk to Kenilworth

While going from Polk to Kenilworth I suggest you first of all visit Quality Inn Milesburg for a small treat. Next stop by The Metropolitan Pool for a bath in in the pool!

Quality Inn Milesburg
971 North Eagle Valley Road, Dry Top, PA 16841
The Metropolitan Pool
West Calder Way, State College, PA 16801
NJ 07033
The best route to Kenilworth from Polk

My fav stops from Winterville to Mercer

Ok!, Going from Winterville to Mercer make sure to hit Walmart Neighborhood Market for shopping!

NC 28590
Walmart Neighborhood Market
1942 Port Republic Road, Highland Park, VA 22801
PA 16137
The best route to Mercer from Winterville

To Summit with a stop for some swimming

When driving to Summit from Shellman first of all visit YMCA Pool! Then visit Baskin-Robbins for a cone of tasty ice cream.

Omega Circle, Enterprise, AL 36330
3720 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
The best route to Summit from Shellman

From Madison to Kurten

Driving from Madison to Kurten I suggest you look in on 25 Meter Pool for a nice experience.


25 Meter Pool
10th Street, Fort Polk South, LA 71459
The best route to Kurten from Madison

A nice way from Seward to Fairgrove

If going to Fairgrove from Seward I suggest you stop at Stephen's for a tasty meal.

South-East Harley Davidson
Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, OH 44139
Ridge Line, Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0
The best route to Fairgrove from Seward

These were my stops going to Kingsford Heights

Driving to Kingsford Heights from Hamburg Township I suggest you first of all stop at Holiday Inn for a pause! Next visit Holiday Inn Express for some food. Then stop by Subway for something handy to eat! Finally hit Starbucks for a quick bite!

Hamburg Township
Holiday Inn
I 94, Blackman Charter Township, MI 49202
Holiday Inn Express
Sam Hill Drive, Marshall, MI 49068
East Prutzman Street, Three Rivers, MI 49093
Heritage Square Drive, Mishawaka, IN 46530
Kingsford Heights
IN 46346
The best route to Kingsford Heights from Hamburg Township

The best way to Shenandoah from Westerly

While driving from Westerly to Shenandoah hit Ruby Tuesday to grab a bite!

Westerly, RI
Ruby Tuesday
Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153
The best route to Shenandoah from Westerly

A nice way to Gahanna from Town of Kaukauna

Driving from Town of Kaukauna to Gahanna make sure to stop at Walmart Supercenter for great shopping!

Enjoy it.

Town of Kaukauna
Walmart Supercenter
8350 Shaver Road, Portage, MI 49024
OH 43239
The best route to Gahanna from Town of Kaukauna

These were my stops going to Munich

While driving to Munich from Superior I suggest first make a stop at Wheaton Swimming Pool. It's good! Next stop at Enderlin Inn for a night.

IA 51363
Wheaton Swimming Pool
3rd Avenue South, Wheaton, MN 56296
Enderlin Inn
Smith Avenue, Enderlin, ND
The best route to Munich from Superior

A nicer way to Aulander

When going from Pembroke to Aulander I suggest you first visit Green Hill Park Equestrian Center. It's great! Then look in on Windmill Farm Bake Shop for a caffeine boost.

Green Hill Park Equestrian Center
Harborwood Road, Green Hill Terrace, VA 24153
Windmill Farm Bake Shop
2221 Birch Court, South Boston, VA 24592
Greater Ashley Chapel Baptist Church
US 158, Littleton, NC 27586
The best route to Aulander from Pembroke

The best way from New Tazewell to Henderson

Driving from New Tazewell to Henderson a way would be to stop at Peddler Gifts & Interiors for some shopping!

New Tazewell
Peddler Gifts & Interiors
West Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
The best route to Henderson from New Tazewell

From Lake City to Willow River

Going to Willow River from Lake City make sure to first of all stop at Subway for a nice meal. Next stop at Newbery House for getting yourself some small treats :-)! Next hit Fourwinds Market for some hit and run shopping.

Lake City
MN 55041
Baldwin Plaza Drive, Baldwin, WI 54002
Newbery House
Bench Street, Taylors Falls, MN 55084
Fourwinds Market
Service Road, Town of Siren, WI 54872
Willow River
The best route to Willow River from Lake City

A good way from Choctaw to Canton

While driving to Canton from Choctaw first of all pay a visit to Guthrie Historic District. I liked it. Then hit Regency Inn for the night! Finally stop by Mini Mall for shopping.

Guthrie Historic District
East Harrison Avenue, Guthrie, OK 73044
Regency Inn
Fir Street, Perry, OK
Mini Mall
4100 East Harry Street, Wichita, KS 67218
The best route to Canton from Choctaw

To Wayne with some training added

If driving to Wayne from Millington I suggest first of all make a stop at Keystone Championship Wrestling, LLC to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day). Finally visit Pennington Quality Market for shopping!

Keystone Championship Wrestling, LLC
LLC, 29 East 5th Street, Chester, PA 19013
Pennington Quality Market
West Delaware Avenue, Pennington, NJ 08534
The best route to Wayne from Millington

These were my stops going to Cushing

While driving from Quincy to Cushing this is my preferred way: first stop at Dairy Queen for a some tasty food. Secondly pay a visit to Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex for a leg stretcher and some pulse! Finally hit Welsh Center for some training!


Dairy Queen
North Union Street, Council Grove, KS 66846
Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex
Kerr Drive, Manhattan, KS 66502
Welsh Center
South State Street, Milford, NE 68405
The best route to Cushing from Quincy

A good way to Sioux Falls from Ludington

Ok!, Driving from Ludington to Sioux Falls make sure to first look in on Little House Wayside. It's a nice stop! Then make a stop at The S'Cream for some tasty gelato. Third stop by Sunshine Foods for some hit and run shopping. Then visit Perkins for a something tasty to eat.

Little House Wayside
County Road CC, Pepin, WI 54769
The S'Cream
301 South Oak Avenue, Owatonna, MN 55060
Sunshine Foods
7 East Main Street, Madelia, MN 56062
Darling Drive, Worthington, MN 56187
Sioux Falls
The best route to Sioux Falls from Ludington

Stimulate your nipples

Stimulating nipples cause the uterus to contract. This might bring about labor as nipple stimulation increases oxytocin production. Oxytocin hormone causes the breast to eject milk and the uterus to contract. In fact, it is the same hormone that causes your uterus to shrink back to its original position. However, you will have to breastfeed your baby right after the delivery.

If you do not know how to stimulate the nipples, you can use a breast pump. Other than that, nipple stimulation also reduces the chances of postpartum hemorrhage, avoids medication labor induction, and augments labor. 

These were my stops from Sac City to Nickerson

When driving from Sac City to Nickerson this is a good way.

Sac City
IA 50583
Danish Windmill Gift Shop
Elm Street, Elk Horn, IA 51531
The best route to Nickerson from Sac City

Count to 100

As straightforward as it may seem, this works wonders! The reason it works is that counting to 100 diverts your attention from whatever you’re angry about so you don’t blow a fuse. It gives you a few minutes to cool off before you do anything that you’ll regret later. 

Count to 100

From Staplehurst to ? with a stop for some exercising

If driving to ? from Staplehurst first of all pay a visit to Schroeder Field for some sweating. Finally make a stop at Lunch Box Cafe for a something tasty to eat!

Schroeder Field
West 8th Street, Frankfort, KS 66427
Lunch Box Cafe
Pearson Avenue, Waverly, KS 66971
The best route to ? from Staplehurst

All the way to Lincoln City

While going to Lincoln City from Bayview this is my preferred way: first visit Folsom Farm. Secondly look in on Future Covered Arena, it is good! Third visit Conquer Athletics for a nice experience! Then stop by Uplifted Coffee for a cup of coffee and something to eat. Finally stop at Lake Oswego Hunt Club, it is a nice stop.

I welcome feedback!

Folsom Farm
Fishtrap, WA
Future Covered Arena
Dirt Road - Vehicle Accessible, Cle Elum, WA 98943
Conquer Athletics
3008 Main Street, Union Gap, WA 98903
Uplifted Coffee
West Steuben Street, Bingen, WA 98605
Lake Oswego Hunt Club
2725 Iron Mountain Boulevard, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Lincoln City
The best route to Lincoln City from Bayview

Going to Hatley with a stop for a coffee

When driving from New Orleans to Hatley this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Connie Cone for a caffeine kick. Finally visit Subway for a something to eat!


New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70032
Connie Cone
Deer Run Road, Oak Forrest, MS 39402
Allen Road, Lizelia, MS 39309
The best route to Hatley from New Orleans

My fav stops going to Isla Vista

While going to Isla Vista from Yountville first of all hit Santa Fe for a leg stretcher. Finally visit Yogurtland to fill up some energy!

Santa Fe
Woodhaven Drive, San Jose, CA 95127
St John's Catholic Church
Alley A, King City, CA 93930
956 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Isla Vista
CA 93117-4620
The best route to Isla Vista from Yountville

AHAs and BHAs

Gentle exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs are good for your skin. AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acids and BHA stands for beta hydroxy acids. These are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory exfoliators that rejuvenate your skin without damaging it. Many products offer this ingredient in their exfoliator, so read the ingredients at the back before buying a new exfoliator and try to use it regularly in your skincare routine.

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