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Tell a Story

If you don’t want your audience to fall asleep tell them an interesting story or a funny story. We all remember stories that we heard in a seminar or discussion that happened 5 or 10 years ago. Make sure the story is interesting, it won’t hurt someone’s feelings and it’s not too long.

A short and sweet story can do anything. Wake up the audience and give them a good laugh or shake someone to the core. If you are talking about traffic accidents, tell the story of a victim. If it’s a speech about handling misbehaved students, tell a relevant story.

Do NOT touch your face

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can live on several surfaces for as long as 72 hours. Potential surfaces, upon touching which, you can get the virus on your hands could be your phone, doorknobs at a public place, the buttons of an ATM, among others.

This is why it’s good practice to avoid touching your head and face including your eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, refrain from biting away at your fingernails. All of these can enable the coronavirus to enter your body from your hands.

Take a Nap

A rainy day can make you cranky if you had outdoor plans and they were canceled. To relax and have a good day at home, try to fall asleep to the sound of rain. The noise of a light shower is very soothing, lie in your bed, and relax while listening to the rhythm. If you can’t fall asleep, daydream, or watch a movie. Have a lazy day in bed and enjoy doing something you had to do at home.

Emergency contraceptive

If you have unprotected sex, an emergency contraceptive is most effective. There are three common ways to prevent pregnancy - two pills and a copper IUD. 

Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill that does not need a prescription from a doctor. It can be taken within 3 days of unprotected sex.

Another contraceptive pill is Ella, but it needs a doctor's prescription. It is effective when taken within 5 days of unprotected sex.

The last option is the copper IUD. This also needs a doctor’s prescription and is effective when inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex.

For all the three options, it is best to use it as soon as possible to reduce the chances of pregnancy. 

Don't use your old kitchen scissors

If you're making the jump and trying to cut your hair, please for the love of your hair, don't use the old scissors that have been in the back of your kitchen drawer for the past ten years. Using regular scissors can leave your hair even more damaged than it was before your haircut. Hair can be very fragile and you need to use tools specifically meant for cutting it. Go to your local beauty supply store and purchase a set of styling shears.

Use the 3 Steps

An effective apology follows 3 simple steps:

1. Express remorse. Say you're sorry. It sounds obvious, but make sure you do it as it makes your apology that much more effective and sincere.

2. Admit responsibility. Say what you did wrong and why you're sorry. Try not to make it about yourself here - focus on how your actions affected the other person.

3. Make amends. Try to extend an olive branch to your friend or partner that you've hurt, and make sure to give them enough time to decide whether or not they'd like to accept it.


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