Best Ways to Cut your own hair


Work based off of your hair texture

Your hair texture can determine the way you do a lot of important steps while cutting your hair. For example, your hair texture can help you decide whether or not you should wet your hair or cut it dry. If you have straight, fine hair, you should spray it with water or wash it before cutting it. This will help your cuts be more precise. However, if you have thick, curly hair, you'll want to cut your hair dry to avoid cutting off too much.

Written by Megan Harrell
3 months ago

Don't use your old kitchen scissors

If you're making the jump and trying to cut your hair, please for the love of your hair, don't use the old scissors that have been in the back of your kitchen drawer for the past ten years. Using regular scissors can leave your hair even more damaged than it was before your haircut. Hair can be very fragile and you need to use tools specifically meant for cutting it. Go to your local beauty supply store and purchase a set of styling shears.

Written by Norman Mcguire
5 months ago

Cut slowly

Cutting your hair should be a slow process. Don't just start snipping off any old strand! Make sure you are taking your time. Also, try cutting off a little bit of hair at a time. You can always cut off more from your length to get to your desired style. However, if you cut too fast and accidentally go an inch too short, there's not adding that hair back. Start by cutting off a small amount and working your way upwards.

Written by Russell Holland
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Cut Your Own Hair?

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