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Identify each party correctly

Identifying the party correctly sounds like an obvious thing but you will be surprised by how often businesses get this wrong. You need to include the correct legal name of the companies as they will be liable for all the actions and they are obligated under the agreement to perform the terms in the contract. This also includes who you have legal rights against in case things went south or if there are any complications. For example, if a business is organized as a corporation or LLC, address it by its legal name - which includes LLC or Inc. suffix.  

Take all meals properly

Starving is not the key to get skinny. Your body stores extra fat in starvation mode. If you starve yourself to sleep, your metabolism will get weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is better to have 3 proper meals throughout the day than eat nothing. There are no restrictions on what you eat or not. You can have fruits in all 3 meals. But the key is to eat, even if it is a morsel.

 I keep trying healthy alternatives such as Greek yogurt, granola bars, hummus, and light-dressing salad.


Are you writing a cover letter? Sincerely convey the right tone for formal correspondence. Be aware that you are likely to appear congested in more casual business emails.

Dig into company's reports

You will receive a lot of data from the 10-K and 10-Q forms, so it is important to know which information is useful to you. These are some of the factors that you should look for:

- Net income: Check if the company finished with a gain or a loss at the end of the period. You can find the number at the bottom of the income statement. It equals total revenue minus depreciation, expenses, taxes, and more. 

- Price-to-earning ratio: The P/E ratio is calculated by dividing the market value of a share by the earnings per share. The ratio is often calculated based on the stock’s past performance, it can show you how the market thinks it will perform in the future. If the company has a relatively high P/E ratio as compared to its competitors, then it means the market expects healthy growth in the future. 

- Return on equity: This factor helps you understand how effectively the company uses its investors’ money and returns investments to its shareholders.

This is not the entire list, but these factors are a good way to start your stock research.

Get rid of malware

You’d be surprised to know how exposed you are to malware while surfing the web, whether it is infected attachments in your e-mail or watering hole attacks. What’s interesting is that malware doesn’t instantly render your PC or laptop unusable, but just hangs around in the system, often for years – stealing information and data.

Unfortunately, it also slows your computer down. What’s worse, it can be challenging to determine if malware is the cause of your laptop's slow performance.

However, once you identify the issue, the fix is rather simple. Generally, a good antivirus program can scan through your computer, identify potential threats, and eliminate them. 

Keep Blankets

If your car heater is not working and you will be going out on a road trip with your family including kids, it is a good idea to winterize your car with some blankets and cushions. Clothe the toddlers appropriately and cover them with a blanket. You might not need the blankets during the day when it’s sunny but evenings and night in a car with no heater can be very chilly.

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