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Close the Drafts

The drafts such as a door draft, a hole in the wall for A.C, or other holes can be the reason you are hearing so much noise. To soundproof your room, you should stopper these drafts. Get a door draft stopper for the door and spackle the holes to keep the noise out.

Close the Drafts

List of organizations

Puerto Rico has yet again been stuck with an earthquake on January 7, 2020. The earthquake caused some damage to the already affected island. Several people were injured, electrical systems were harmed and many buildings, infrastructures were severely affected as well. This territory has been trying to survive a crisis since 2017. Please donate to organizations that are receiving donations for them. Donate whatever you can as every penny matters and will change their lives!

List of organizations:

Describing someone's appearance

A good way of describing someone is by telling their appearance. Talk about how they look. Are they tall or short? Plum or healthy? What is their hair color? Do they have straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy hair? For men, do they have a mustache or a beard? Physical appearance is an easy way of describing someone.

Large Plastic Bags

If you have a large closet and you have space to store the winter clothes in the same closet, put your winter clothes in plastic bags and store them. You won’t be using your winter clothes for at least 5 months which means silverfish or moths might invade them, or they may absorb any odors.

Find large transparent plastic bags to seal the clothes. Wash and dry all the clothes. If the clothes were washed already let them hang outside in the sun for a few hours before packing them. This helps get the moisture and odor out of your clothes.

Instagram stories

If you have a thriving Instagram community, you’re in luck. Instagram lets businesses use polls and 2-choice questions on their stories.

Instagram stories

If your brand is visual in nature, and if you already have a good number of followers on your account – you can always obtain feedback through your Instagram stories with one of these tools.

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