Best Ways to Learn how to skateboard


Push on your skateboard

Pushing is the first and most important skill to learn on a skateboard. Here is a step-by-step process.

1. Place your front foot at a 30-degree angle near your front hardware bolts.

2. Bend your front knee so your back leg can reach the ground.

3. While balancing all your weight on your front foot, reach down and push off with your back foot.

4. Return your back foot on the board at an angle near the back hardware bolts.

Written by Kelly Mcclure
5 months ago

Be ready to fall

Falling is an unavoidable part of skateboarding. So, invest in a helmet and protective gear that will keep you safe and uninjured when you fall. Also, be confident. Don't worry about how you look or how good you are. If you are skating hard, try new tricks and be mindful of others.

Written by Clayton Bell
2 weeks ago

Learn to stop on a skateboard

Dragging your foot on the ground or foot breaking is the first and most important way to stop a skateboard. Balance your weight on your front and bring your back foot to the ground. Gently drag the sole of your shoe on the ground while keeping most of your weight on your front foot. Apply more pressure if you want to slow down more quickly. Hold the position till you stop.

Written by Ollie Montgomery
2 months ago

Keep your knees high

Keep a low, relaxed stance for all skateboarding tricks because it gives you the ability to immediately adjust your balance in any situation. Skateboarding is hard so don’t expect to be good right away. Be determined and practice, you will learn soon.

Written by Margie Hansen
7 months ago

Figure out your skateboard stance

The first step to learning how to ride a skateboard is figuring out which stance you're the most comfortable with. Using your skateboard, test which foot you feel the most comfortable riding with and which should do the pushing. The regular stance uses the left foot on the board with the right foot pushing. The goofy stance uses the right foot on the board with the left foot pushing. Practice with both stances to see which one feels the most comfortable to you.

Written by Glenn Reynolds
6 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Learn How to Skateboard?

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