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Going to Aurora with some some training added

If going from Polk to Aurora I suggest first make a stop at Deeds Field, it is a nice stop. Finally stop at Starbucks for a quick bite!

A better one!

Deeds Field
Williams Drive Northwest, Dover, OH 44622
Hoover Road, Grove City, OH 43146
The best route to Aurora from Polk

Let me suggest this!

When going to Glenmore from Pulteney make a stop at Flight 93 National Memorial. It's a nice stop.

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NY 14874
Oak Hill Church
2806 Oak Hill Road, Karthaus Township, PA 16845
Flight 93 National Memorial
Wetlands Bridge, Stonycreek Township, PA 15560
WV 26241
The best route to Glenmore from Pulteney

From Fountainville to New Portland with some some ice cream added

Driving to New Portland from Fountainville I suggest you first of all visit Rita's Italian Ice for some scoops of delightful ice cream. Next make a stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a bite!

Rita's Italian Ice
846 Route 376, Town of East Fishkill, NY 12590
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
92 Colrain Road, Greenfield, MA 01301
Dunkin' Donuts
Whittier Street, Meredith, NH 03253
New Portland
The best route to New Portland from Fountainville

From Sharon to Bellwood with some some training added

Driving to Bellwood from Sharon I suggest you first make a stop at Schoharie Pool for some sweat. Finally visit Community Cup Coffee & Tea House for some sodas!

VT 05065
Schoharie Pool
Spring Street, Schoharie, NY 12157
Community Cup Coffee & Tea House
421 Main Street, Towanda, PA 18848
PA 16617
The best route to Bellwood from Sharon

These were my stops from Casnovia to Brazil

If going to Brazil from Casnovia I suggest you first of all stop at Dairy Dayz to fill up some energy. After that stop by Candlewood Suites for a pause! Then visit The Italian Coffee Bar for a caffeine kick! Then look in on Monticello Methodist Church Gym to get the pulse up!. Then visit Hampton for a small treat!

Dairy Dayz
6471 Blue Star Highway, Saugatuck Township, MI 49453
Candlewood Suites
Marquette Woods Road, Lincoln Charter Township, MI 49127
The Italian Coffee Bar
110 West Plymouth Street, Bremen, IN 46506
Monticello Methodist Church Gym
South Main Street, Monticello, IN 47960
Gandhi Drive, Crawfordsville, IN
The best route to Brazil from Casnovia

My fav stops from Kingston to Deferiet

While driving from Kingston to Deferiet a way would be to first pay a visit to Lumberjack Splash Wave Pool, it is a nice stop. After that visit Stone Bridge soft ice cream for some scoops of yummy ice cream!

Lumberjack Splash Wave Pool
Olympiad Grand Prix Go-Karts, Queensbury, NY 12804
Stone Bridge soft ice cream
Stone Bridge Road, Town of Chester, NY 12860
NY 13628
The best route to Deferiet from Kingston

All the way to Grand Marais

Ok!, Going from Edwards to Grand Marais make sure to first look in on Ramp Park for some exercise. Next stop at The Junk Shop for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Ramp Park
Gornick Avenue, Gaylord, MI 49732
The Junk Shop
Main Street, Naubinway, MI 49762
Grand Marais
MI 49839
The best route to Grand Marais from Edwards

To Coffeeville from Salt Springs

Going to Coffeeville from Salt Springs make sure to first pay a visit to Whitey's Restaurant for a great lunch! After that look in on Food for a quick bite. Finally stop at Softball Field, it is a nice stop.

Try it. You might like it.

Salt Springs
Whitey's Restaurant
Beach Road, Dekle Beach, FL
Roy Golden Road, Pine Island, FL 32424
Softball Field
Student Drop Off, Paxton, FL 32538
The best route to Coffeeville from Salt Springs

The best way to Plymouth from Avoca

While driving to Plymouth from Avoca this is a good way: first of all stop by Hungry Run Stable, it is good. Next stop at Overlook, it is great!

Test it for yourself. See what you think.

Hungry Run Stable
9758 Moate Road, Winnebago County, IL 61024
5801 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645
IN 46563
The best route to Plymouth from Avoca

My stops going to Alton

If driving from Wells to Alton this is a nice way: look in on Mary Baker Eddy Memorial. It is a great stop.

Enjoy the ride!

Mary Baker Eddy Memorial
Halcyon Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02134-1316
RI 02894
The best route to Alton from Wells

My fav stops to ? from Oriska

If going from Oriska to ? I suggest you first visit Cowboy Cafe for something handy to eat! Then pay a visit to Cowboy Cafe for a some tasty food.

Try it! You might like it.

Cowboy Cafe
4th Street, Medora, ND 58645
Cowboy Cafe
4th Street, Medora, ND 58645
MT 59353
The best route to ? from Oriska

These were my stops from Bellwood to Madison

When going from Bellwood to Madison I suggest visit East Hills Shopping Center for picking up a few things.

East Hills Shopping Center
Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, MO 64506
The best route to Madison from Bellwood

I suggest this!

If going from Fergus Falls to Wahpeton I suggest first stop at City Center Mall for some hit and run shopping! Then make a stop at Market Street Mall for good shopping.

Fergus Falls
MN 56537
City Center Mall
618 Atlantic Avenue, Morris, MN 56267
Market Street Mall
112 Market Street, Marshall, MN 56258
The best route to Wahpeton from Fergus Falls

These were my stops from Plano to Arlington

While going to Arlington from Plano this is a good way: first of all visit Bromide Hill Overlook. It's great! Then pay a visit to Champlin Community Pool for some swimming.

Bromide Hill Overlook
Bromide Hill Trail, Murray County, OK 73086
Champlin Community Pool
South Jefferson Street, Enid, OK K
The best route to Arlington from Plano

A nicer way to Bonney Lake from Powers

Driving from Powers to Bonney Lake this is my preferred way: visit Starbucks for a cup or two!

6th Avenue Northeast, Keizer, OR 97303
Bonney Lake
The best route to Bonney Lake from Powers

Return Their Things

When cutting ties with this person, make sure you return their stuff if you don’t want to be awakened by them in the middle of the night by their call to get their stuff lying at your house back. Think about all the things you have that belong to them and if they gave you any expensive gifts. They might start doing petty things to get your attention or tease you. Box everything that belongs to them, and return it. 

To Mora with some ice cream added

While going to Mora from Monroe I suggest you first of all make a stop at Cold Stone Creamery for some tasty ice cream. Next hit Animas Valley Mall for great shopping! Finally hit Ramada by Wyndham for some food.

UT 84754
Cold Stone Creamery
East College Drive, Durango, CO 81302
Animas Valley Mall
Largo Street, Farmington, NM 87402
Ramada by Wyndham
Mercury Village Drive, Durango, CO 81303
NM 87732
The best route to Mora from Monroe

To Sasabe from Paradise Valley

When going from Paradise Valley to Sasabe a way would be to stop at Quality Inn for a small treat.

Paradise Valley
Quality Inn
North Via del Cielo Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85522
AZ 85633
The best route to Sasabe from Paradise Valley

A good way to Big Bay from Baraboo

While going to Big Bay from Baraboo I suggest you stop by The Big Dipper for a cone of ice cream.

WI 53913
The Big Dipper
W11435 County Road X, Town of Stephenson, WI
Big Bay
MI 49808
The best route to Big Bay from Baraboo

A nicer trip from New Market to Alvin

When going from New Market to Alvin first look in on Hamlin Park Pool, it is good! Finally visit Stockbridge Harbor, it is great.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

New Market
IN 47965
Hamlin Park Pool
West Barry Avenue, Lake View Township, IL 60618
Stockbridge Harbor
West Lake Street, Stockbridge, WI 53088
The best route to Alvin from New Market

To Albion with a stop for some ice cream

While going to Albion from Moultonborough I suggest you first hit Bradley Memorial Park! Then visit Fielder's Choice Ice Cream for some delicious ice cream. Lastly hit Family Market for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Bradley Memorial Park
Campus Way, Fryeburg, ME 04037
Fielder's Choice Ice Cream
680 Minot Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210
Family Market
1142 Main Street, Readfield, ME 04355
ME 04910
The best route to Albion from Moultonborough

The best way to Silvana

Driving from Moscow to Silvana I suggest stop at The Flour Mill for some shopping.

The Flour Mill
621 West Mallon Avenue, Spokane, WA 99260
The best route to Silvana from Moscow

To Mount Olive with a place worth some time added

If driving from South Fulton to Mount Olive this is a good way: first make a stop at Horseshoe Bend National Military Park. It's great! Next make a stop at Selma Mall for a leg stretcher. Third stop by The Baked Bear for a cone of delicious ice cream! Next visit Vaughan Tennis Complex, it is good! After that stop at Baymont Inn & Suites for a small treat.

Give it an up-vote if you like it.

South Fulton
Horseshoe Bend National Military Park
County Road 79, Daviston, AL 36256
Selma Mall
Highland Avenue, Selma, AL 36703
The Baked Bear
21st Street East, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Vaughan Tennis Complex
Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge, Livingston, AL 35470
Baymont Inn & Suites
524 Bonita Lakes Drive, Meridian, MS 39301
Mount Olive
The best route to Mount Olive from South Fulton

A good trip to Grey Eagle

Ok!, Going from Reeseville to Grey Eagle make sure to first of all stop at Art & Soul Boutique for picking up a few things! Next visit Scenic Overlook. It's a nice stop.

Art & Soul Boutique
North Main Street, Alma, WI
Scenic Overlook
Lookout Trail, Oak Park Heights, MN 55082
Grey Eagle
The best route to Grey Eagle from Reeseville

These were my stops going to Fennville

While driving from Dellwood to Fennville I suggest you first stop at Wyman Lake Club to break some sweat. Then stop by Hartford Veteran's Memorial, it is good!

Wyman Lake Club
Town of Millston, WI
Hartford Veteran's Memorial
Branch Street, Hartford, WI 53027
The best route to Fennville from Dellwood

The way to California

Driving from Freeport to California this is a good way: stop by Ellis Family Market Shop N Save for great shopping!

Moody Chapel
Stanley Road, Fairfield, ME 04944
United Baptist Church
8 Pleasant Street, Milo, ME 04463
Ellis Family Market Shop N Save
5 Main Street, Patten, ME 04765
The best route to California from Freeport

To Waupaca from Richfield

When going to Waupaca from Richfield I suggest you first visit El Dulce Heladò for some awesome ice cream. Next visit Dairy Queen for a some great food! Then make a stop at Father Adalbert Inama -- St. Norbert House.

El Dulce Heladò
319 East Main Street, Galesburg, IL 61401
Dairy Queen
East Benton Street, Mount Carroll, IL 61053
Father Adalbert Inama -- St. Norbert House
County Road Y, Madison, WI 53583
The best route to Waupaca from Richfield

Wear Clothes She Picks or Buys

Girlfriends are always asking their boyfriends to wear their favorite type of clothes. If your girlfriend has been asking you to wear a denim jacket, change your hairstyle or shave, do it. They’ll be surprised to see you looking different.

Wear Clothes She Picks or Buys

To Town of Norway from Haledon

While driving to Town of Norway from Haledon first look in on Peccorino's for a little something to eat. After that hit Andes Town Pool, it is a nice stop! Then stop at Price Chopper for a leg stretcher.

Tower Drive, Town of Wallkill, NY 10941
Andes Town Pool
115 Delaware Avenue, Andes, NY 13731
Price Chopper
135 Chestnut Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326
Town of Norway
NY 13416
The best route to Town of Norway from Haledon

I suggest this!

When going from Dunes City to Algona I suggest first of all pay a visit to The Landing at Newport Condominium-Hotel for a pause! Next hit Sahara Pizza for a nice meal.

Dunes City
OR 97493
The Landing at Newport Condominium-Hotel
Southeast Bay Boulevard, Newport, OR 97365
Forest Grove United Methodist Church
1726 Cedar Street, Forest Grove, OR 97116
Sahara Pizza
East Walnut Street, Winlock, WA 98596
The best route to Algona from Dunes City

Humming for Warming Up

Humming is one of the least taxing ways to warm up your voice. It's easy on your vocal cords and is something you can do very casually. Put your tongue under your front teeth and start humming with your mouth closed. It's recommended to say 'hmm' instead of 'mmm'. The extra 'h' makes it much easier to hum.

Use less heat

Along with staying away from chemical treatments and hair dye, you should limit the amount of heat you use on your hair to prevent hair loss. Using a straightener or curling iron on a daily basis can cause breakage that keeps your hair from growing and causes it to fall out. Instead of using such direct heat, opt for a blowout. Just make sure to use a moderate amount of heat and always keep your blow dryer moving. Don’t let the heat concentrate on one spot.

Ask the universe

Don’t leave anything for chance. Ask the universe what you desire and let it help you in getting closer to it. There are many ways to ask the universe like prayer, meditation, vision boards, and visualization. You can also write a letter to the universe. Ask the universe what you want every day and make your requests clearer and clearer.

Ask the universe

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