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Get another drink in the morning after

Treating a hangover by drinking the same thing seems weird. However, there’s some amazing science behind it. Drinking more alcohol in the morning after affects the methanol’s metabolism. After drinking alcohol, your body changes methanol into formaldehyde, a toxic substance.

Drinking in the morning inhibits this process and prevents the overproduction of formaldehyde. It discharges the methanol easily from you, via urine and your breath. For this very reason, methanol is used to cure methanol poisoning.

Have a song play on the radio for him

This is so traditional! But that’s what makes it unexpected. This might take you a while though. You’re going to have to keep calling the radio station until they finally take your request. But the effort is worth it.

If he’s at work when the song plays, think about how he’s going to blush in front of his colleagues when he listens to his name on the radio. 

Turn to religion

Almost all religions have a mourning ritual that you can draw comfort from. Resort to spiritual activities that you find meaningful, like going to church, meditating, or praying. If an event has led you to question your faith, speak to a clergy member or any other person in your religious community and seek their input.

Turn to religion

Fat-Rich Food

The forage your horse consumes is basically low-calorie food and to fatten up the horse, you need to feed the horse some calorie-dense foods. Different types of oils such as peanut oil, corn oil, or canola oil when added to the horse’s ration can help the horse accumulate fat slowly. Add a quarter cup of oil to the horse’s ration and see how the horse reacts. If your horse begins to like the oil, you can also increase its oil intake to up to 2 cups a day. 

Fat-Rich Food


The quickest way to get into the holiday spirit is to decorate your home. You don't have to rush out and get a ten foot tree, even simple changes like putting up a garland or a stocking can get spruce things up and make everything a little more festive.

If you're on a budget, try going to the dollar store. The dollar store is sure to have tons of decorations at a low price, that are relatively easy to put up. A decorative bauble on your bookshelf or a fake miniature tree are great places to start.


Fragmentation is one of the best ways to speed up your laptop. A lot of times, hard drives are forced to do additional work for the operating system that just slows down the tasks you actually want to do. A quick workaround to this is fragmentation. This tool rearranges fragmented data so the hard disk can function efficiently. However, if you're using an SSD, don't defragment it. Doing this on a hard drive is helpful. But, fragmentation on an SSD takes a chunk off its health. Every time you run it, it takes several days off the total lifetime of the disk.

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