Best Ways to Surprise your husband


Sneak a "naughty" note in his pockets

This doesn’t just have to be his pockets though. You can sneak a note anywhere that you’re sure he will look – like his car’s glove compartment or his wallet.

Write a steamy note and let him know you’ll be waiting for him when he gets home. Also, ask him not to run over red lights on his way home because it’s almost a given that he’s going to be in a hurry!

Sneak a

Written by Lola Green
5 months ago

Cook for Him

Now, this is for partners who don’t cook very often. Those who already cook for their husbands all the time, cooking their favorite meal once again won’t surprise them. But, if your culinary skills are amazing, surprise your husband with his favorite dish. Ideally, you should be cooking when he’s not home and knows that you’ll be eating together. Invest your time and energy to make the dish perfectly the way he likes.

Cook for Him

Written by April Garrett
2 months ago


A massage can easily change your husband's mood and make him feel loved and cared for. To surprise your husband, start massaging him when he is sitting or lying down but awake. Use his favorite essential oils to make the room smell good and relax him. Make sure that you use the one he likes, if you used the wrong essential oil for a massage you might ruin it.

You can also do this on a day when he is tired and restless because if he’s not tired, he’s not going to enjoy it enough. 

Written by Garry Martin
1 year ago

Get Him a Pet

There is always an animal that a person loves. Find out what is your boyfriend’s definition of a pet. Watch him around other people’s pets and ask him the famous “are you a cat or dog person?” question to know his choices.

If your boyfriend finds golden retrievers irresistible and he always wants to pet them and talks to them in baby-voice, he needs a golden retriever puppy. Adopt a puppy or a dog and surprise him.

Get Him a Pet

Written by Amy Morrison
2 months ago

Celebrate a King's day

For one day, make him the king of your castle. Spend the day anticipating what he wants. He is going to love this so much!

Make his favorite breakfast, and think about what he might want to do when he gets home.

Try thinking about it this way – if he had written down things he would want to do on a perfect day, what would they be? See what you can come up with, and do as many of those things as you can.

Written by Shelly Greene
8 months ago

Have a song play on the radio for him

This is so traditional! But that’s what makes it unexpected. This might take you a while though. You’re going to have to keep calling the radio station until they finally take your request. But the effort is worth it.

If he’s at work when the song plays, think about how he’s going to blush in front of his colleagues when he listens to his name on the radio. 

Written by Ruth Clark
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Surprise Your Husband?

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