Best Ways to Cure a hangover


Get some sleep

Rebooting yourself is often the best solution. Although alcohol induces sleep when consumed moderately, chronic consumption is known to throw your sleep pattern out of whack. While lack of sleep does not in itself give you a hangover, it sure does make it worse.

Sleep, obviously, is a precautionary measure since hangovers are experienced after you wake up the next morning. So be sure to not let unnecessary phone calls or notifications wake you up in the middle of your sleep – unless you want to regret it the next morning. 

Written by Jeanne Stephens
1 year ago

Get another drink in the morning after

Treating a hangover by drinking the same thing seems weird. However, there’s some amazing science behind it. Drinking more alcohol in the morning after affects the methanol’s metabolism. After drinking alcohol, your body changes methanol into formaldehyde, a toxic substance.

Drinking in the morning inhibits this process and prevents the overproduction of formaldehyde. It discharges the methanol easily from you, via urine and your breath. For this very reason, methanol is used to cure methanol poisoning.

Written by Ruth Clark
1 year ago

Drink plenty of water

A big part of why we get hangovers is because alcohol dehydrates us, by suppressing a hormone called vasopressin. This hormone inhibits urine production in our kidneys. So when this hormone is suppressed, we urinate more, thus dehydrating us. Some symptoms of hangovers are actually the result of severe hydration, and if you sweat or vomit while hungover, you'll need fluids even more.

Drink plenty of water (ideally while you're drinking, before you get a hangover). It will ease your symptoms significantly. Just make sure not to drink too much at once or else you might become even more nauseous than you were in the first place.

Written by Duane Cobb
9 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Cure a Hangover?

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