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Research your audience

Before you present your pitch to the investors, research them. You can find more about them through sites like AngelList, Flashfunders, and SeedInvest.

Learn more about them and see what approach seems best. For starters, try to find answers to these questions.

Do they know your industry?

What is their personality like? Loud and volatile or quiet and careful?

Do they have any other investment in your industry? (because if they do, you can be seen as a competition)

Are they a new or seasoned investor?

Are they an individual investor or do they belong to an angel investor network?

What companies did they start from or come from before they became an investor?

What would they like to know about your idea?

Have sex

There are many reasons why having sex with your partner can induce labor. Having an orgasm during sex releases the oxytocin hormone. The increased production of oxytocin might start uterus contractions. Ultimately, inducing labor.

Moreover, the prostaglandin hormone found in the semen might help open the cervix. Engaging in sexual intercourse in the final weeks of pregnancy is fine, however, you should not have sex after your water has broken. This might increase the risk of infection.

Have sex

Start with fill the gap sentence

Introduce the essay by setting yourself up to contradict a common belief. It positions yourself against a lot of criticism and adds clout to your argument if used well. Here is an example of that.

“While much effort has gone into attempts to date the Edda poems from their language and vocabulary, and there have been considerable arguments as to their age and place of origin, rather less attention to the nature of their subject matter and the particular methods of presentation.” – H.R. Ellis Davidson


Most of the time, hickeys can be easily hidden with hair. Leave your hair on the shoulders if you have long hair. If required straighten them out, even if someone notices the hickey, you can say you burned yourself accidentally when you were straightening your hair. 

Use spying apps and services

It is important to snoop on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. If he finds out that you are spying on him, it will do more harm than good in your relationship with him. There are many paid services available online which can be very effective in assisting you to spy his phone. You don’t need to touch his phone, not even once for this service. But there is always a matter of privacy. So make sure to go through the privacy policy of this software to ensure privacy for you and your boyfriend from unwanted eyes.

Look at what your opponents are doing

If you want to win RFTG, it is an absolute necessity that you pay attention to your opponents’ moves. If you don’t, you’re basically setting yourself up for a loss unless you get extremely lucky.

Try to read your opponents’ tableaus, identify what it is that they are trying to do, see if you can foresee their next move, and keep organizing your gameplay so when they do make those moves they will benefit you. 

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