Best Ways to Cover a hickey


Make up

It’s no surprise that make up can hide some really nasty things on your skin. But you need to know what works best for hickeys.

Ideally, it’s best to use a green-tinted concealer because it negates the skin’s red tone. Apply a foundation lighter than the tone of your skin over the hickey and around it. If you want to be thorough, dust some translucent powder on it to even out the skin tone. 

Written by Joanne Allison
4 days ago


The best and the quickest way to hide a hickey is to wear a scarf or a turtle neck. Pair an outfit that can go with the scarf or turtle neck you have. Wrap the scarf gently around the neck and keep it comfortable. If the scarf looks different and does not go with the outfit, it might feel to some that it has a different purpose. Try to mix and match the outfit as much as possible.


Written by Adrian Walters
3 years ago

Coverage Concealer or Foundation

Makeup can always do the trick. Thanks to the extreme coverage concealers and foundations. Wear a concealer on the hickey and if required also use foundation on top. Don’t make the mistake of wearing make-up on just the hickey or it might look like you are hiding just the hickey.

Coverage Concealer or Foundation

Wear foundation on the face and neck. To complete the look, put on sheer lipstick, some eye shadow, and mascara if you want to do a quick and natural make-up look.

Written by Floyd Owens
4 months ago

Wear a Choker

A lace or a choker is ideal for hiding a hickey because it can be wrapped around the neck easily and look like a fashion statement. Choose a dark color choker to do a good job at hiding. To make the choker stay in place, use some school glue or eyelash glue. You can also open your hair and let them cover the sides of the neck to avoid visibility on the neck.  

Wear a Choker

Written by Rick Simon
3 months ago

Brush it away

People swear by the toothbrush trick for getting rid of love bites. To cover up your hickey, grab a brand-new toothbrush with stiff bristles, and begin to gently brush over the hickey. This will stimulate the circulation of blood and will cause the marks to subside. BE GENTLE – too much pressure can make things worse.

But “to err is human,” so if you did apply a lot pressure which caused the redness to spread – put an ice pack over it and let it sit. This should help wash off the redness to a good extent.

Written by Yvonne Gross
10 months ago


Most of the time, hickeys can be easily hidden with hair. Leave your hair on the shoulders if you have long hair. If required straighten them out, even if someone notices the hickey, you can say you burned yourself accidentally when you were straightening your hair. 

Written by Shanna Mckinney
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Cover a Hickey?

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