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Avoid Salt

Consuming fried foods and salty food can make us thirsty. I often have trouble falling asleep when I eat too much salt during the day because there is no way to quench the thirst. I also peed 3-5 times and drank more water. I try to avoid eating too much salt in a single day. Cook at home and reduce the quantity of salt in your food. Drink plenty of fluids during the day to avoid feeling thirsty at night.

In a cocktail

If you're new to drinking gin, and you find the herbal taste to be a little off-putting, try adjusting your palate slowly by drinking gin in a cocktail as opposed to going on the rocks right away.

Try something like a bramble - it's sweet and fruity and accents gin's best qualities. If you want to go a bit more refined, go for a negroni. It's complex and the citrus flavors make it taste almost like a grapefruit. Also try to get the best quality gin you can, but you don't have to break the bank. A mid-priced gin should be alright to start. Try to avoid something too dry, like a martini, for a first time if you're not used to the taste of gin.

In a cocktail

Have sex

Sexual activity leads to improved blood circulation, particularly in the pelvic region and the uterus, stimulating periods.

That being said, always use protection (condoms or contraceptives) during sex, otherwise you may end up pregnant and delaying your periods a little too much.


The tenser you are, the slower your reaction time is going to be. Stiff muscles move slower. If you feel like you’re not able to relax, try to meditate. Focus on your breathing and practice mindfulness. Research suggests that people who meditate perform better than those who didn’t meditate on reaction-timed tasks.


Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have started to realize that they might just have to fund their business themselves until other funding opportunities arise. To fund a small business yourself, you can dip into your savings, opt for 0 interest credit cards, or even take up a loan by mortgaging your personal assets.

However, to be able to do this you must be absolutely sure about your vision so you feel comfortable about investing a large chunk of your net worth into the business. If you pull this off, it will show potential investors that you believe in the business and are committed to its success. However, watch your bottom line closely!

Relax together

Life moves fast for all and in all the hustle and bustle, we forget to spend time with our significant other. So, slow your life down a bit and plan a much-needed breather with your partner. Head to your favorite spa with your spouse or plan a relaxing day at the beach or your home.

The spa time spices up your marriage in many refreshing ways. As you both get relaxed, it will help you open up to each other. You will chat endlessly and express your love and affection for each other once again.

End the beautiful yet relaxing day with your partner with a bubble bath or a solid massage, or maybe watch something on Netflix.

Relax together

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