Best Ways to Read news


Use Flipboard

Flipboard shows you a visual overview of breaking news. It is like a digital magazine that shows a compendium of interesting news. The news is pulled from your favorite blogs, channels, and resources. The best part is that you can plug any news website into Flipboard.

You can be specific or broad on this service application, based on your preferences. You can point your Flipboard towards a general topic like politics, technology, or productivity. The app mix news seamlessly and allows you to know everything about current affairs.Use Flipboard

Written by Irvin Jackson
1 year ago

Always fact check

When you're reading the news, especially from less trustworthy publications, it's extremely important to fact-check and think critically about what you're reading.

There are websites at your disposal, such as Snopes, that fact-check claims for you. There are also websites such as Mediabiasfactcheck that tell you how much you should be trusting a particular news site.

The best tool, though, is your own mind. Whenever you see a questionable claim, it's important to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is there a better, more rational explanation than this claim?

2. Has this been held up to scrutiny by experts?

3. How plausible is this conspiracy theory really?

From there, you may make educated decisions on what you should or should not believe.

Written by Annette Kelley
9 months ago

Try Google News

If you need breaking news in real-time, you should try Google News. The tool has become better than BBC at gathering news and the best thing is, you can use it on Android and iOS devices. Regardless of your interests, you would get accurate news.

The full coverage panels of Google News reveal bigger stories as they give you multiple resources on a particular breaking story. Other than that, it shows timely news, depending on the news timeline and relevant tweets.

Written by Jesus Gregory
1 year ago

Try Feedly

With Feedly, you can get a hand of all important updates from your favorite news sites and forums. In my opinion, Feedly is one of the best options in gathering news because it works on RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Feedly suits because the news that I get is unfiltered by editors and algorithms. If I can’t go online, no worries. The stories would be waiting for you on Feedly!

You can look for other newsgathering apps and keep yourself up to date with daily news from different sources - available all in one place.

Try Feedly

Written by Leigh Coleman
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Read News?

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