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Chili Peppers

If you are the person who can handle a little spice in their food, add more chili peppers to the food you eat. One green chili pepper has around 100mg of Vitamin C. Chili can spice up the savory dishes with their exquisite hot taste. Moreover, chili peppers have fat burning and inflammation-reducing properties that might help you shed some pounds when paired with some exercise. 

Love letters

Not only will this take you back to school, but your vintage approach to romance might also just impress your wife. Write up a romantic love note or letter, and pour your heart out into it. Don’t be shy or hold anything back thinking it sounds cheesy (but yes, don’t go overboard, make it sound sincere).

Sneak the letter into her bag as she leaves for work, or plant it in her car the night before. Surprise her with your move, and she will fall for you all over again.

Love letters

Tell Her She’s Smart

When she figures a way out to solve a problem or gives you an epic idea, give her a sincere compliment that she deserves. Women like to be cherished and when she shows how smart she is, treat her like a boss. Say something like: ‘You are so smart, I'd be a lucky guy to be your boyfriend.’ Or keep it mild and say; ‘I couldn’t think of that, You’re very smart. 

Try Feedly

With Feedly, you can get a hand of all important updates from your favorite news sites and forums. In my opinion, Feedly is one of the best options in gathering news because it works on RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Feedly suits because the news that I get is unfiltered by editors and algorithms. If I can’t go online, no worries. The stories would be waiting for you on Feedly!

You can look for other newsgathering apps and keep yourself up to date with daily news from different sources - available all in one place.

Try Feedly

Deal with Their Stubbornness

Bunnies can be very stubborn because of the bad habits they have learned from their childhood. If the rabbit still goes on your carpet or floor when the litter box is there in the corner of the room, pick up your bunny and put it in the litter box when it sits downs to do its business. You give them a signal that whenever it is caught pooping, it is placed in the litter box. So, the bunny may start going to the litter box on its own. 

Deal with Their Stubbornness

Search the web

Before you go into a piercing studio, make sure to search the internet about nose piercing. Watch some videos about people getting their nose pierced. Be familiar with the tools used in nose piercing. These will help you stay in control of yourself in the studio and have a firm idea about what to accept. A lot of us get nervous in unfamiliar places and new tools. Searching the web about nose piercing will surely reduce that nervousness and you will be ready for everything that happens in a nose piercing session.

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