Best Ways to Freshen your home


Wall Racks

Wooden racks on the walls are a style statement and they can hold a lot of stuff. If you have too many things lying around on your nightstand, install one or two wooden shelves in parallel on the wall beside your bed or above your computer table. You can put your cosmetics, books, candles, and jewelry boxes on the stand. Keep everything clean and neat. Arrange the books and it should look appealing.

Wall Racks (image 1)

Similarly, if your kitchen has fewer cabinets and your spice jars are always lying on the countertops, you need to install more racks. Arrange your jars, and crockery on the racks so that you have more counter space and everything is easy to grab.

Wall Racks (image 2)

Written by Alfred Davidson
1 month ago

Bring in Nature

The house automatically feels fresh and improves your mood with the addition of plants. They are small supplies of oxygen that reduce stress and improve your productivity as stated by research. To have that fresh feel in your house, bring a small jade or snake plant.

These plants are very low maintenance and are almost impossible to kill because they only require water once or twice a week. If you like the aesthetic feel of the indoor plants in your house, bring in some more plants to make every day rejuvenating.

Bring in Nature

Written by Clayton Bell
4 weeks ago

Organize Everything

Sometimes what’s lacking is the organization in our house. If there is always stuff lying around and you don’t have a place to hang your coats, belts, and bags, then you need a wall rack or wooden coat hanger stand.

A coat hanger stand can be expensive and take up more space but it looks better. Hang all your stuff on it so that the couch, chair, and floor area free of clutter and the house looks neat and organized. An organized house looks instantly better than a cluttered house.

Written by Marshall Wright
10 months ago

Add Color

Some times our houses look boring because we forget to add a pop of color. If you are like me you probably prefer grey or cream walls and white furniture. But if everything in your house is white, cream, beige and grey, it all might appear too dull.

To freshen up space, add a hint of color. You don’t have to change everything to make it look fresh, just a few touches here and there can do the trick.

If you have a cream color couch, go for red, dark blue, or yellow-colored cushions if you like, or get some colorful printed cushion covers. The couch draws attention because that is where everyone sits. Adding style and comfiness to your couch with some colored cushions can be a great way to freshen up the place.

Add Color

Written by Dewey Ramos
10 months ago

Lay the Table

An uncleaned dining table with crumbs and bits from the last meal can make the place look terrible. Clean the crumbs and wipe your table. If you have a nice table cloth, use it. Put your coffee pot, bread basket, and a vase with fresh flowers to make the table look impressive.

Written by Irma Holland
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Freshen Your Home?

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