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Job search engines

Job search engines have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade, and for good reason. They allow you to search using keywords that match your job criteria, and also let you filter for salaries, location, etc. This saves you a whole lot time by providing you highly relevant job listings. In fact, plenty of multinational companies now look for talent on job search engines, making it an opportunistic platform for job-seekers at all levels from freshers to seniors. 

Job search engines

Consider investing in fixed income securities

If you don't want the high risk associated with equity markets, consider investing in fixed income securities such as bonds (corporate and government) or bank deposits.

Bonds pay a fixed rate of interest on your income (usually twice a year). There is some capital appreciation/erosion in bond prices as well, but it's far from what we observe in equity markets. Summarily speaking, the prices rise when interest rates fall and vice versa.

If you want absolutely no volatility, invest in a bank fixed deposit. You might also find tax-saver deposits that can give you some marginal relief on your income tax.

Eat a Healthy Diet

There is no strict measurement of what’s a healthy diet. Depending on your body type, weight, height, and age, your daily intake will be quite different from someone else.

Eat a Healthy Diet

To become fit quickly, you have to cut out everything that has been making you unhealthy until now. If you eat pizza every day followed by a frozen dessert, you should consume less pizza and consider healthier options such as a meat and vegetable stew, salad, or fish cooked in a drizzle of olive oil.

To satisfy your screaming sweet tooth, make a fresh fruit smoothie, eat dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate, sorbet, and granola bars.

Always fact check

When you're reading the news, especially from less trustworthy publications, it's extremely important to fact-check and think critically about what you're reading.

There are websites at your disposal, such as Snopes, that fact-check claims for you. There are also websites such as Mediabiasfactcheck that tell you how much you should be trusting a particular news site.

The best tool, though, is your own mind. Whenever you see a questionable claim, it's important to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is there a better, more rational explanation than this claim?

2. Has this been held up to scrutiny by experts?

3. How plausible is this conspiracy theory really?

From there, you may make educated decisions on what you should or should not believe.

Decorate with Chocolate Bars

People who like candy, go for candy as cake decoration and those who like chocolates, or cookies decorate the cake with their favorite chocolate bars. If you are a chocolatier and KitKat is your favorite chocolate bar, separate the chocolate fingers, and lay them on the top of a frosted cake. You can also cut the bar into small pieces and roughly drop it on top for a basic chocolate cake look.

To make it appear exciting, make flowers with your frosting on the sides and put a piece of half a KitKat finger on top of each flower. 

Decorate with Chocolate Bars

Use a crate

One of the best ways to potty train your puppy is by using a crate. Aside from giving your puppy a space that is all their own, using a crate is also a good way for your puppy to learn where they should and shouldn't go to the bathroom. In order to keep their crate clean, your pup will scratch at their crate door when they need to go to the bathroom. Make sure you let them out right away to avoid them making a mess in their crate. This might make them think it's okay to potty in their home. Use a crate

Talk about it

While some people prefer to suffer the pain of their breakup alone, some of us know that we feel better if we at least talk about it. Sometimes, talking about a breakup to a friend is a great way to detox from everything that happened. Another person can also give you a different perspective of the situation that you might not have thought about. Either way, it can be really helpful to vent. However, once you've talked about it, do your best to let go.

Dip in Water

Retainers are easy to clean when they are soaked in water. If the retainers have been lying outside and gathering debris, let them stay in a cup of water to loosen it up. Clean them with some mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Rub the inside of the retainers with an old toothbrush or cotton cloth.

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