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Try Google News

If you need breaking news in real-time, you should try Google News. The tool has become better than BBC at gathering news and the best thing is, you can use it on Android and iOS devices. Regardless of your interests, you would get accurate news.

The full coverage panels of Google News reveal bigger stories as they give you multiple resources on a particular breaking story. Other than that, it shows timely news, depending on the news timeline and relevant tweets.

Invite birds, toads, and frogs

Insect-feasting animals are your friends. At the top of your garden invitee list should be toads and frogs. Set up a toad house among your greens and wait for a goodfella to occupy the property.

Invite birds, toads, and frogs

Birds have a rather foul reputation when speaking of gardens. While they do nibble away at your fruits, they also gulp down on a good number of insects during the process.

It doesn’t take a lot to attract birds to your garden, just provide them some shelter and a water source – and you’ll have a living vacuum cleaner for insects that destroy your greens.

Chicken and Pineapple Skewers

To make chicken and pineapple skewers, put marinated square chicken pieces, pineapples, peppers, and onions on skewers. Season with salt and pepper when assembled. Grill the skewers while turning them occasionally and brushing with some olive oil. Serve with grilled tomatoes, broccoli, tortillas, or dinner rolls. 

Chicken and Pineapple Skewers

Train in a Quiet Room

Train in a Quiet RoomThe best way to keep your dog focused on the task at hand is to train the puppy in a quiet room. Dogs have a really small attention span and get distracted really easily. If you want to keep them away from distractions, it's best to practice in a quiet room so that the dog's attention isn't diverted to loud noises.

Learn from Free Data Visualization Tools

It is the age of data. Data visualization is an integral part of the business world. All business decisions are affected by data. Learning data visualization is very important today. Free websites like Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI, Google Power Studio etc can be used to getting started. Learning on these sites is pretty self explanatory and anyone can learn on their own. If you get stuck on any feature, look into their online forums, thousands of people are available to help.

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