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Use the chunking technique to plan your day

It is impossible to do everything on the list when you have no time. Rather than using the multi-tasking technique, use the chunking technique to prioritize your tasks. You would be able to set achievable and goals without tiring yourself out.

To master the technique of chunking, group similar tasks together, and convert big data into tiny pieces of information so you can grab the excerpt of each task quickly. Once you start practicing chunking, you would start enjoying every activity of the day. 

Use Flipboard

Flipboard shows you a visual overview of breaking news. It is like a digital magazine that shows a compendium of interesting news. The news is pulled from your favorite blogs, channels, and resources. The best part is that you can plug any news website into Flipboard.

You can be specific or broad on this service application, based on your preferences. You can point your Flipboard towards a general topic like politics, technology, or productivity. The app mix news seamlessly and allows you to know everything about current affairs.Use Flipboard

Verify your Google business profile

A Google business profile shows your business on the google map. Whenever someone will type your business name, it will show the location on the map on the right side of the panel. This free listing feature should be your top priority as Google optimizes it and includes your business in the relevant search results.

 If your business is showing up on google maps, it’s promoting itself 24/7. Moreover, you can put up attractive promotions to a large audience.

Verify your Google business profile

With a Complement

The easiest way to get a girl to be comfortable with you is through compliments. Girls treasure compliments and really like it when somebody notices little things about them. The way they made their hair, the color of the dress they're wearing, the way they did their makeup. The generic "you look good" doesn't cut it. Girls get that compliment from everyone. You need to dig a little deeper and make the effort that not many others will be making.

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