Best Ways to Surprise your boyfriend


Wear the Clothes He Bought You

Men love to see you dress the way they want you to look. To surprise him, wear a dress he bought you or do something he likes. Your boyfriend may like or dislike make-up and jewelry, put on some makeup if he likes to see you in make-up. Invest sometime in yourself, tidy up, change your hair or style. Your boyfriend will definitely be surprised to see something different.

Wear the Clothes He Bought You

Written by Brett Dorsey
1 year ago

Plan a surprise date night for your boyfriend

Who says you have to wait for the anniversary, or his birthday to have fun? You can take him out in the night and surprise him in ways he had never imagined. Plan something special on a random day and see his reaction. I am sure you will both enjoy the night out.

Once I picked my boyfriend up from work, let him change in the car, and took him to his favorite disco bar. That was one of the best night-outs of my life as we both danced and fell in love all over again. 

My point is, whatever you do, just spend some quality time with your boyfriend and make him feel special.Plan a surprise date night for your boyfriend

Written by Bruce Murray
1 year ago

Put a love note in his lunch box

Do you pack his lunch to take to the office every day? If yes, spice up this chore a bit and leave him a small love note. He will probably find and read it in the lunch hour and will fall in love with you. You could write anything sweet in the love note – write a dorky message, a naughty joke, a lovely poem, or a simple, ‘I Love you’.

Whatever you write in that note, make sure you have him feeling warm for the rest of the day. I once tried it with my husband and believe me, he brought me roses and a box of my favorite chocolates.

Written by Winnie Fisher
10 months ago

Tidy up his apartment

If you are not living with him and his apartment is a complete mess, tidy it up and be it a surprise for your loved one. My boyfriend is quite messy and gets annoyed when anybody else touches his stuff. However, I always end up helping him while he’s cleaning the house.

A tidy apartment is a great way to surprise your boyfriend and melt his heart. If his apartment is tidy, you can go beyond and change his bedsheets, do his laundry or go grocery shopping for him.

Written by Virginia Herman
2 years ago

Treat Him Like a King for One Day

Treating him like a King means saying yes to whatever he says. On a weekend or a day when you want to surprise your boyfriend, say “Yes, my Lord!” or “Your will is my command” to everything he asks for. When he asks for food, get it for him or cook him food. If he asks you to drive him around, wash his car or snuggle with him in bed, do it. Make sure that you shower him with attention to surprise him.

Written by Estella Barrett
5 months ago

Take Interest in His Hobbies

If your boyfriend likes to watch soccer, play video games or ride a bike, do it with him. You might not be good at the activity but learning it can be a whole lot of fun. Ask him to teach you and he will be equally; happy and surprised to be accompanied by you.

Written by Carolyn Hicks
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Surprise Your Boyfriend?

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