Best Ways to Fold scrubs


Fold it into the sides

It is another easiest way to fold your scrub to keep them ready for anytime. Rather then folding from top or bottom, we start from the sides. Lay the scrub on a plain ground. Fold one side on the other half. Then fold it from top or bottom into three parts. The steps come in an opposite order of the folding scrubs into third method. You can save more space by rolling the scrub instead of folding. It is used for less spaced storage.

Written by Lonnie Rose
2 years ago

Folding it into thirds

The easiest way to fold scrub is to fold it into thirds. For this you need a plain surface. First, lay down the scrub in a plain manner. Start folding from the bottom to the top. And then fold it half in the side. This way your scrub will stay fresh and don’t get messy. It is one of the most used methods because of its simplicity and it saves a lot of space. It makes the organization of folded cloths look great.

Written by Geraldine Barnett
6 months ago

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