Best Ways to Change bad habits


Enlist a friend’s support

I had a bad habit of smoking weed and I desperately wanted to break it. Luckily, I had a guy best friend who helped me and gave me all the support that I needed to quit it. Dealing with bad habits alone can be tough, especially for a teenager. So, quitting along with my friend helped my cravings go away.

He used to encourage me, cheer me, and support me through all the setbacks. Good friends encourage and remind you in times of doubt. I was happy I had someone who reminded me every day of my goal. Enlist a friend’s support

Written by Faye Cummings
2 years ago

Look for a "replacement" habit

It may be easier for you to give up on a bad habit if you simply replace the bad habit with another habit.

For example, if you have a habit of raiding the fridge for junk whenever you are bored, just stack some fresh salad and smoothies in the fridge and get rid of the junk. This way you will fill your cravings with healthier options rather than junk.

Over time, the salad and smoothies will become a habit and you will have forgotten about the junk food. Also, the added health benefits of a better diet will become apparent over time, working as a motivator to continue with the new habit.

Written by Leo Norris
6 months ago

Pay attention to self-care

Beginning from a place of wellness allows people to more easily bring about positive changes in their lives. If you are already burdened by other life issues like a troubled relationship, physical ailments, or work stress, breaking a habit may induce more distress than before.

Prioritizing wellness when you are working towards breaking a habit increases the chances of success and helps you tackle challenges more gracefully.

Pay attention to self-care

Here are some self-care tips while you work on breaking a bad habit:

· Eat a nutritious, wholesome diet.

· Get adequate sleep.

· Keep yourself physically active the best you can.

· Set aside a few minutes or hours each day for pursuing your hobbies, relaxing, or doing something that makes you feel good.

· If you any particular long-term issues, discuss them with your healthcare provider.

Written by Janis Malone
4 days ago

Find out your triggers

Triggers play a big role in developing a bad habit. Identifying your triggers to change your behavior is the first step to let go of something bad. Before breaking your habit, spend a few weeks to understand the patterns.

·        Ask yourself some questions like:

·        At what time do you feel the urge to indulge in a bad habit?

·        Is anybody else involved?

·        Does it happen after a major event?

Identifying the triggers and changing your behavior helps to let go of the bad habit easily.

Written by Wilbur Parks
12 months ago

Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness helped me to develop awareness about my personality, my surroundings, my social circle, feelings, and actions. I used to observe my bad habit in mind without throwing judgments or feeling insecure.

As I became aware of the triggers and routine behaviors that lead to my bad habit, I found it easier to replace the bad habit with a good one. I did not act to the urges. Instead, I changed my focus and spent time doing other things, such as reading a book.

Written by Dorothy White
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Change Bad Habits?


Change habits

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