Best Ways to Photograph jeans



If you want to have a white background for your jeans, photoshop the picture to replace the background. Photograph a person or a mannequin wearing those jeans outdoors. Take up to 20 or 30 photos to photoshop the best one later. 

Written by Monica Banks
9 months ago

Take Photos of Someone Wearing Jeans

Jeans look much better when they are worn. Find a person who can fit perfectly into those jeans and start taking photos from different angles. Your goal is to get details of buttons, stitching, patches, and pockets. Shoot plenty of photos of sitting in jeans on a hardwood floor, slouching on a tree, and lying in bed. In the end, you’ll probably have a few good photos to choose from.

Written by Yvette Johns
1 year ago

Hang it on a Tree

Hang the pair of jeans on a tree near a lake. This shows that someone hung clothes on the tree and went for a bath. You can also par it with a plain white t-shirt that doesn’t attract much attention to accentuate the texture and color of jeans. 

Written by Kathy Wood
6 months ago

Throw it on the bed

Your outfit for the day lying on the bed is simply the most attractive thing. You are going out to have an amazing day and your outfit is all sorted. Place jeans, a perfume, a bag of the same jeans brand, a simple t-shirt, and voila! A simple but elegant way to showcase the jeans and other items of the brand you are photographing.

Throw it on the bed

Written by Yvonne Gross
1 month ago

Throw it on grass

Place the jeans on fresh grass that is not wet. Shooting in the natural light is always better because the pictures are effortlessly bright and vibrant. Fold the jeans or lay it open on the grass to capture different photos. Spread some flowers on the sides or on top of the jeans especially if you are photographing women's or girls’ jeans. Put headphones and a phone near the pair of jeans or ask someone to wear them and sit on the grass. Be creative and capture a bunch of photos that you can choose from. 

Throw it on grass

Written by Erica Burgess
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Photograph Jeans?

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