Best Ways to Mist plants


Mist plants in morning

You do not need to mist your plants all day. It will do more harm and less good. Plants need their leaves dry because it is what they use for absorbing CO2. That is why you should mist all your plants in the morning. Why? Because after misting in the morning, the leaves will dry throughout the day and the plant will be able to continue its CO2 Cycle. Make a routine of misting your plants early in the morning and you can relax for the rest of the day.

Written by Cara Bradford
1 month ago

Group houseplants

Houseplants need to be mist properly and regularly. In addition to misting, you can create a humidified environment for them. The easiest and no cost way to do that is to group the plants. Grouping them in a little huddle will help them create a humidified environment for each other. The humidity will be enough to keep the plants misted. It is best to group them according to their size. Small plants together and tall plants together. This will create a balanced humidified environment.

Written by Zachary May
8 months ago

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