Best Ways to Plan your day


Use time-management apps

To plan your day out, use time management apps, like the best-selling RPM life planner by Tony Robbins. The majority of time management apps focus on mapping out your tasks and to-do lists. However, the RMP life planner offers you all the tools you need to organize your day from morning to night.

You can strategize your to-do list in different ways to take a new approach each day. This helps you avoid free time and wasting time on unfocused activities. In short, it does not let you trigger your habit of procrastination. Use time-management apps

Written by Leo Norris
5 months ago

Think Ahead

Before you go to sleep, make a rough sketch of what you will be doing tomorrow. Planning your activities for the next day ahead of time can help you stay on track because you will have everything you need to do tomorrow on your mind. Keep reminding yourself of your mental to-do list throughout the day to make sure that you accomplish everything on your list.

Think Ahead

Written by Lillie Burnett
2 months ago

Use the chunking technique to plan your day

It is impossible to do everything on the list when you have no time. Rather than using the multi-tasking technique, use the chunking technique to prioritize your tasks. You would be able to set achievable and goals without tiring yourself out.

To master the technique of chunking, group similar tasks together, and convert big data into tiny pieces of information so you can grab the excerpt of each task quickly. Once you start practicing chunking, you would start enjoying every activity of the day. 

Written by Irvin Jackson
8 months ago

Embrace ritual

Embracing ritual will provide all the discipline and structure you need to plan your day. Just like a habit, planning your day will take consistent effort. To make it your second-nature, you need to manage your schedule in any way possible.

Build and add new habits into your schedule so you can follow them consistently, without getting bored. Build patterns and ritualistic habits that align well with your values and priorities. Stop procrastinating and stick to a routine for a week or so to practice consistency.

Written by Olga Henderson
6 months ago

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