Best Ways to Not go to school


Wake up in the Middle of the Night

Waking up in the middle of the night and going to your parents can make them a bit worried about your health when you fake a tummy ache, backache, or headache. They won’t be sending you to school the next day because not only do you have ache, but you also did not sleep well last night. But if your parents are strict or you have been doing tricks often to stay home, you’ll have to make it more dramatic. Rub your eyes to make them red, be sad and make sure your voice is painful when you wake them at night. 

Written by Douglas Johnson
4 months ago

Fake Sickness

Faking sickness is not easy and if you are not a good actor, don’t bother acting. Come up with a sickness that cannot be measured. Tell them that you have diarrhea and make them believe by going to the bathroom very often on the previous night. Think of a sickness that will convince them. If you are tired because you attended a wedding last night, your parents will understand that you need some extra time to relax which will increase your chances of staying home. 

Written by Carl Lee
2 years ago

Return Halfway from School

When you have plans for a day at home like going to pick up your cousins from the airport or playing with the new kitten you adopted last night, you cannot be ill. If you walk to your school, return halfway from school. Tell your parents something they will buy, tell them that a dog barked at you and you were scared, you saw an accident or you felt dizzy. Upon returning home, you’ll probably be late from school so even if your parents don’t buy it, they will let you get away with it. 

Written by Darnell Bryant
6 months ago

Miss the School Bus

Missing the school bus is the easiest way to skip school if you are sure that your parents will not drive you to school themselves. Spend extra minutes wearing shoes, in the bathroom, while eating your food and packing your bag. If your parents don’t walk you to the bus stand, you can also make the excuse that the bus was early and some other kids also missed it.

Miss the School Bus

Written by Marty Day
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Not Go to School?

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