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Strawberries are delicious and they can make smoothies, oatmeal, and fresh cakes mouthwatering. They are packed with vitamin C, flavonoids, manganese, antioxidants, and folate. They also help decrease the chances of acquiring a heart and vascular disease as the chemicals in this fruit fight inflammation in blood vessels. Due to their high antioxidant content, they fight cancer-causing agents and lower the chances of diabetes.


Spell it on Sand

When you take a casual stroll by the ocean with your partner, ask a friend to write will you marry me on the beach where it cannot be erased by the waves. Let her read the words and think about who did this? When she’s still looking around to see who is getting proposed, propose to her.

Spell it on Sand


Use a high coverage foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone to hide the tattoo. Use a make-up brush or you’re your fingers to apply the foundation all over the area. Dab some foundation directly onto the skin and spread with your fingers or make-up brush. Use translucent powder to hold it in place if your skin gets sweaty. 


The Two Key Points

There are two things you should always keep in mind when lubricating a bike chain. Firstly, you should see if the lubricant can minimize the accumulation of dirt. That's a huge reason why you're lubricating. You have to make sure that you can prevent the build-up of dirt since it accelerates wear. Secondly, you have to ensure that the lubricant is durable. Yes, durability isn't as important since you're supposed to be frequently lubricating it nonetheless. It's advisable to use a lubricant that is made specifically for bike chains. It contains the specific things your bike chain needs.

Fake Sickness

Faking sickness is not easy and if you are not a good actor, don’t bother acting. Come up with a sickness that cannot be measured. Tell them that you have diarrhea and make them believe by going to the bathroom very often on the previous night. Think of a sickness that will convince them. If you are tired because you attended a wedding last night, your parents will understand that you need some extra time to relax which will increase your chances of staying home. 


Hydropower is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity. It depends on the flow of electricity from large bodies of water like lakes and oceans. The best part is that hydropower does not consume the fuel required, i.e., water. That is why it's a form of renewable energy that the world is extremely dependent on.

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