Best Ways to Pick a lock


Use a card

While most people believe credit cards to be the best choice, thinner cards (like gift cards) work better for lock picking. To verify that a card will indeed do the trick, ensure that:

- The door does not have a deadbolt.

- You shouldn’t be seeing the door’s hinges. If you do, you’re on the wrong side of the door for the card method to work.

- You need to be able to slide your card along the door’s edge. If there are obstructions, that’s a problem.

Once you’ve verified that the card method will work for you, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Slide the card into between the latch plate and the door. Slipping the corner in first is easier. When you’re in, straighten the card to insert the entire edge into the gap.

Step 2: Bend the card in the doorknob’s direction such that the card’s edge pushes against the latch.

Step 3: Push the card further into the gap, and carefully wiggle it – but make sure you don’t pull the card outside the gap.

This should push the latch inwards and you’ll pop the door open.

Written by Eileen Williamson
1 week ago

With Bobby Pins or Paperclips

Home locks are often designed keeping privacy in mind rather than security. If you have small children in the house, it’s particularly useful to know how to open these locks without a key.

Interior home locks have a tiny hole in the middle which gives access to its unlock mechanism.

To pick these locks, grab a bobby pin or a paperclip, and insert it into the lock’s hole.

At the end of the hole’s inside will be a pressure switch which opens the door when pressed.

Written by Alan Vega
7 months ago

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