Best Ways to Pierce ears


At Home Piercing with Thread and Needle

At home, you can pierce your ears with a clean needle and thread. Get rubbing alcohol or any other liquid to clean a 10-inch-long piece of thread and needle. Mark the ears where you want to pierce. The piercings on the ear where there’s cartilage may hurt more so be mentally prepared.

Put the thread in the needle and pierce the ear where you have marked the ear. Insert the pointed needle from one side and take it out from the back along with the thread. Take the thread from both sides and make a knot at the bottom of the ear. Repeat on the other ear. To numb the pain, apply an ice cube for 10-15 minutes. It should not hurt again. Wait 10 days with the thread inside the hole to make it bigger.

It should be ready for the earring when the thread can move painlessly through the hole. Regularly apply mustard oil to the hole and the thread inside it to make it easier to move the thread.

Written by Rita Warren
3 months ago

Ear Piercing at a Doctor’s Office

Having a doctor to pierce your ears is the safest way to get it done because it greatly lowers the chances of infection. The doctor can also apply a topical cream to numb the pain before the procedure or prescribe one to use regularly. Infection prevention and caring for the ear is the utmost priority at a doctor’s office.

Written by Cornelius Burke
3 years ago

Quick Piercing to Put on the Earring Right Away

Clean a sharp needle with rubbing alcohol to kill the germs. Poke a hole in the ear all the way through and insert the earring. Secure the earring with a rubber stopper. If it’s a stud earring, secure with the fixture. Apply a bag of ice to numb the pain, you can also apply Vaseline so that the friction is reduced and the earing slides easily in the hole making it less painful.

Quick Piercing to Put on the Earring Right Away

Written by Maureen Stone
6 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Pierce Ears?

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