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Pay off capitalized interest

Unless your loans are subsidized by the federal government, the interest will accrue when you are in school. This interest capitalizes when repayment begins, which means that your balance grows and you will have to pay interest on a larger amount. 

Make monthly interest payments during the occurring period to avoid capitalization. This will not speed up the payoff process drastically, but it will mean a smaller balance to get rid of.

Basement Window

If the basement window is big enough and you can get out of the basement window, sneak out of the house from there. When everyone thinks that you are in your room or everyone is asleep, walk with your shoes in your hands into the basement. The basement door is usually open so going to the basement should not be too hard. The next step is escaping from the basement window. The basement window can be too high so you’ll have to move stuff to reach the window. 

Basement Window

Using a Clean Cloth

The right way to clean the wood furniture is to use a dry and clean cloth every time to clean the dust. Over time the wood furniture can look dusty when the dust starts hiding in the carvings. If the wooden furniture at your house has accumulated dust inside the carving, cleaning with a dampened cloth will be the last option. Water can harm wooden furniture if you let the water stay on the wood for longer. If the cloth you are using is too wet, use another dry cloth to remove the water and dry up the surface. Make sure that there is no water on the furniture after you are done cleaning.

Using a Clean Cloth

Using Two Wrenches

The best way to open a padlock without a key is with the help of two same-sized wrenches. The bigger the wrench, the more force you can exert on the padlock. Stick one end of each of the wrenches inside the U-loop of the padlock and bring the handles close by exerting pressure from both hands. With enough force on the midline, you'll be able to break the shackle in two.

Fresh Mint

Mint is refreshing and helps quench thirst. Add it to your smoothie, salad, water, or lemonade. You can also try eating mint-flavored gum to flavor your mouth and make the saliva stay. Consuming more sodium can make the mouth dry and this can create a feeling that you need more water even after you have been drinking plenty of water. Avoid drying up your mouth by taking a few sips of water every few minutes. 

Fresh Mint

Understanding Bunny Behavior

Bunnies poop soon after feeding which means the litter box and feeder should be placed together. Keep the bunny’s hay in a hay feeder next to the litter box such that the bunny has to hop into the litter box to reach the hay. Understand that bunnies cannot be litter trained 100% therefore, they are susceptible to small mistakes here are there. Be persistent but don’t be too hard on your bunny. If the bunny pees or poops on the floor, wipe it with a paper towel and place it in the bin to give a message that it belongs in the litter box. Repeated behavior will help the bunny understand that the litter box is the place to poop. 

Invest in government debt or dividend stocks

Post-retirement investments should preferably be made in vehicles that carry little risk. While that rules out actively trading equities or investing in unicorns, you could invest in mature companies that pay regular dividends.

Alternatively, you could park your wealth in government debt and get a steady, regular stream of income in the form of interest. 

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