Best Ways to Litter train a bunny


Right Litter Box

A Bunny litter box is not like a cat litter box. Find the right size of a plastic litter box for your bunny. Line the litter box with unscented newspaper or paper towels that can absorb the urine and throw it away along with the litter. It is important to choose the right height because hopping into a large litter box can be hard for your bunny. A shallow and medium-sized litter box is also easy to clean.

Written by Thomas Flores
6 months ago

Understanding Bunny Behavior

Bunnies poop soon after feeding which means the litter box and feeder should be placed together. Keep the bunny’s hay in a hay feeder next to the litter box such that the bunny has to hop into the litter box to reach the hay. Understand that bunnies cannot be litter trained 100% therefore, they are susceptible to small mistakes here are there. Be persistent but don’t be too hard on your bunny. If the bunny pees or poops on the floor, wipe it with a paper towel and place it in the bin to give a message that it belongs in the litter box. Repeated behavior will help the bunny understand that the litter box is the place to poop. 

Written by Antonio Harper
3 years ago

Eating and Pooping

Rabbits are one of the easiest pets to litter train because of one particular habit. Bunnies tend to eat and poop at the same time. To litter train them, all you need to do is put some hay next to the place you want them to poop safely. After a few goes, your bunny should be a bit more welcoming of the idea. However, if your pet turns out to be a bit stubborn, don't worry. Some pets require a bit more patience than others, especially when you're changing prior bad habits.

Written by Brett Dorsey
4 months ago

Limit Bunny Territory

Giving your bunny access to the whole house is not a good idea because the bunny will go spraying peeing and pooping all around the house. To train the bunny, confine the bunny in one room and let it get used to space. Slowly increase the bunny’s territory. If the bunny forgets good habits and starts disobeying you, go back to the limited territory until the good habits resume. 

Limit Bunny Territory

Written by Alex Bush
9 months ago

Deal with Their Stubbornness

Bunnies can be very stubborn because of the bad habits they have learned from their childhood. If the rabbit still goes on your carpet or floor when the litter box is there in the corner of the room, pick up your bunny and put it in the litter box when it sits downs to do its business. You give them a signal that whenever it is caught pooping, it is placed in the litter box. So, the bunny may start going to the litter box on its own. 

Deal with Their Stubbornness

Written by Leigh Coleman
2 years ago

Bunny Sets the Rules

Now, when you are litter training the bunny, you want the bunny to litter in the litter box that lies at a place of your choice. But after a while, you notice that the bunny likes to pee in the corner of the room, or under your bed which can be very frustrating. To avoid this, place the litter box where the bunny likes to poop or pee. 

Written by Estella Barrett
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Litter Train a Bunny?

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