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Describing their character

Describing by character means telling others who they are on the inside. In general, people are kind, mean, friendly, generous, or ruthless. If the person shows respect to everyone, they are polite. You can describe their intelligence as well. Are they smart and clever, or not too bright?

You can also describe their personality type, i.e. introvert or extrovert. There are various ways of describing through character. If you are a writer, you should focus on three main character qualities to start with character development.

Reusable shopping bags

Plastic bags are a strict no-no if you’re trying to do your part for the environment. They take years to decompose - we know this since we were in school, don't we?

Instead, stock up some reusable shopping bags and put them everywhere, including your car, your office desk, and other places that you visit regularly. This way, you’ll never forget carrying one and you’ll never need to use a plastic bag.

Say Yes to Invitations

Staying away from people and living under a rock significantly decreases your chances of finding that special someone. Next time your friends invite you to a yoga class, or a dinner party, join them. Saying yes to invitations more often can help you get rid of your shyness around people, make networks and good friends. You might also find your soulmate one day because you said yes to going for a dinner date with your friend.

Say Yes to Invitations

Blogging brings inbound traffic to your website

You could always make use of a blog. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular as they allow customers to connect with businesses directly. You can share your expertise and knowledge through the blog posts. This will also help establish you as an authority figure in the market and your customers will grow confidence in you. Be consistent in your blog posts. Set a post schedule so your customers know when they should expect to read from you. 

Mashed Potatoes

If you want to store the leftover mashed potatoes or you are preparing mashed potatoes for an entire week’s breakfast, you can easily store the cooked mashed potatoes in the freezer. Let the mashed potatoes cooled down before you transfer them into a freezing air-tight bag. The mashed potatoes have cream, cream cheese, and other ingredients that keep them soft and their texture remain intact. 

Get to know the girl first

Before you ask a girl out to homecoming, it's important to understand what the girl in question likes. For instance, if the girl is shy and you start out by making grand gestures, it's just not going to work out. Figure out what the girl likes and start off your proposal based on that. You're not only trying to get her attention before you pop the question, you have to let her know that you care. You have to let her know that this isn't just a fling and that proposal means a lot to you.

Make her feel wanted. Don't make the girl feel like one option among a dozen other ones.

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