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The way to Zearing

When going from New Whiteland to Zearing a way would be to stop at Country Inn & Suites for some rest.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

New Whiteland
Country Inn & Suites
5309 Landens Way, Peoria, IL 61615
The best route to Zearing from New Whiteland

A good trip to Otis from Parkerfield

Going from Parkerfield to Otis first stop by Cheney High School Football Fields for some training. Next make a stop at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial. It's a nice stop!

Cheney High School Football Fields
North Marshall Street, Cheney, KS 67025
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
East 1st Avenue, Hutchinson, KS 67504
The best route to Otis from Parkerfield

My fav stops from Nashua to Pelican Rapids

Last time I went from Nashua this was my route.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls Horse Arena
Old Rail Road Bed Path, River Falls, WI 54022
Bluebird Trail, New Ulm, MN 56073
Bunker Park Stables
County Parkway D, Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Pelican Rapids
The best route to Pelican Rapids from Nashua

Let me suggest this!

While going to Leming from Turkey Creek I suggest first visit Lion Stadium. Lastly stop at H-E-B for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Turkey Creek
Lion Stadium
FM 1293, Kountze, TX 77625
2105 Milam Street, Columbus, TX 78934
TX 78050
The best route to Leming from Turkey Creek

These were my stops going to Claremont

If going to Claremont from Brackenridge I suggest first look in on pond hill run! Next stop at foundations of barn.

PA 15014
First Methodist Church
127 7th Street, Renovo, PA 17764
pond hill run
Glen Road, Wysox, PA 18854
foundations of barn
Ski Trail, Berne, NY 12023:12059
The best route to Claremont from Brackenridge

To North Marion from Woodburn

When driving from Woodburn to North Marion a way would be to make a stop at The Ranch, it is good.

The Ranch
Grubb Road, Monroe County, IN
North Marion
The best route to North Marion from Woodburn

The best way from Petersburg to Poughkeepsie

While driving from Petersburg to Poughkeepsie I suggest first of all stop at Basketball Court 2 for some exercising. After that visit Starbucks for a bite!

What do you think about that?

Joy Chapel
Red Hill, MD 20636
Basketball Court 2
West Shakespeare Drive, Middletown, DE 19709-4689
240 Orr Drive, Fox Hollow at Lamington, NJ 08876
NY 12601
The best route to Poughkeepsie from Petersburg

A nicer way to Winslow from Odenville

When going from Odenville to Winslow I suggest pay a visit to Shiloh Equestrian Center, it is great.

Shiloh Equestrian Center
2802 Owl Hollow Road, Duplex Mission, TN 37174-7436
IN 47598
The best route to Winslow from Odenville

These were my stops going to Farmerville

When driving from Seminary to Farmerville this is an alternative.

J.D. Boyd Gym
School Drive, Copiah County, MS 39175-9599
The best route to Farmerville from Seminary

Increase Forage

Do not limit the hay you feed your horse and find the best quality hay for the horse. Your thin horse needs leafy green hay that has more nutritional value. Avoid feeding mature seed heads and brown stalks to the horse. Adding some alfalfa stalks to the regular hay can also increase the protein and calcium intake of the horse which will make the horse healthier. Alfalfa is one of the best animal food sources because of the high protein fiber content that fattens up livestock. 

These were my stops to Bourbon from Millstadt

If going from Millstadt to Bourbon I suggest first hit Shelbyville Historic District for a leg stretcher! After that stop at Wendy's for a some food.

Shelbyville Historic District
North Chestnut Street, Shelbyville, IL 62565
SR 63, Vermillion County, IN 47932
The best route to Bourbon from Millstadt

These were my stops going to Winchester

If going from Devon to Winchester this is a good way: first of all pay a visit to Cup Of Joe to grab a bite! After that visit Elizabeth's Fine Jewelry & Gifts for a leg stretcher and some shopping.

That's the one!

Cup Of Joe
Fanny Road, Boonton, NJ 07005
Elizabeth's Fine Jewelry & Gifts
110 Main Street, Millerton, NY 12546
The best route to Winchester from Devon

A good way to Ben Lomond

While going from Crystal Lake Park to Ben Lomond this is a good way: first of all stop by Bootlegger's BBQ for a great lunch! After that stop at Russellville City Mall for a leg stretcher and some shopping.

Crystal Lake Park
Bootlegger's BBQ
Gibson Street, West Plains, MO 65775
Russellville City Mall
407 North Arkansas Avenue, Russellville, AR 72801
Ben Lomond
AR 71823
The best route to Ben Lomond from Crystal Lake Park

A good route to Cross Plains

When driving to Cross Plains from Rutledge I suggest you visit L Rancho Cafe for awesome food!

L Rancho Cafe
41 North Main Street, Arab, AL 35016
Cross Plains
The best route to Cross Plains from Rutledge

To Orbisonia from Smithville

While driving from Smithville to Orbisonia I suggest you first stop by No 1. China for a something tasty to eat! Then hit Giant for some hit and run shopping.

A better route.

NJ 08220
No 1. China
South Rodney Street, St. Elizabeth Area, DE 19805
1255 Carlisle Road, West Manchester Township, PA 17404
The best route to Orbisonia from Smithville

Dish Soap and Disinfect

Dish soap is usually more than enough to clean and sanitize your granite countertops. You could throw in some hot water to get a thorough clean. If you're looking to disinfect the countertops properly, you can use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Just spray the liquid onto the countertop and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterward, rinse it with water and dry it out with a clean cloth.

To Erie from Yoder

When going to Erie from Yoder first pay a visit to Cole Swimming Pool, it is good. Lastly hit Gray's Cafe for some sodas!

Give it an up-vote if you like it.

Cole Swimming Pool
Green Valley Road, Cheyenne, WY 82001-6440
Gray's Cafe
200 West 1st Street, Ault, CO 80610
CO 80516
The best route to Erie from Yoder

Why not this trip?

When driving to Denton from Richmond I suggest you first of all visit Kansas Originals for good shopping. Then stop at Walmart Supercenter for great shopping! Next stop by Elsie Grace's Gift Shoppe for some hit and run shopping. Next pay a visit to The Topeka PRCA Rodeo. It's good.

KS 66080
Kansas Originals
Topeka Service Plaza, Shawnee County, KS
Walmart Supercenter
427 Arizona Avenue, Holton, KS 66436
Elsie Grace's Gift Shoppe
123 North Kansas Avenue, Frankfort, KS 66427
The Topeka PRCA Rodeo
7341 Northwest Topeka Boulevard, Elmont, KS 66617
The best route to Denton from Richmond

To Marblehead with a stop for some exercising

Last time I drove to Marblehead from Hoboken this was the route.

Nighbor's pool
Osborn Lane, Monroe, CT
Dunne's Gymnastics
38 Pendleton Drive, Hebron, CT 06248
Burger King
1141 Providence Road, Northbridge, MA 01534
MA 01945
The best route to Marblehead from Hoboken

A good way from Jersey Shore to Goshen

Driving to Goshen from Jersey Shore first of all make a stop at Beach Volleyball Court, it is great. Next visit The Point. I liked it!

Jersey Shore
Beach Volleyball Court
Beach Trail, Red Rock, PA
The Point
Rim Trail, Sullivan County, PA
NY 10924
The best route to Goshen from Jersey Shore

The way to Raymond

If going from Hubbardton to Raymond I suggest first of all hit McDonald's for a tasty meal! Finally visit PowerHouse Mall for a leg stretcher.

Woodstock Avenue, Rutland City, VT 05701
PowerHouse Mall
8 Glen Road, Lebanon, NH 03784
Immaculate Conception Church
9 Bonney Street, Concord, NH 03303
NH 03077
The best route to Raymond from Hubbardton

A nicer way from Jasper to Harrisburg

While going from Jasper to Harrisburg I suggest visit Lakeshore Mall for great shopping!

Y.M.M.V. Though

Lakeshore Mall
Northeast 2nd Street, Gainesville, GA 30501
The best route to Harrisburg from Jasper

A nicer route from Meigs to Davenport

Driving from Meigs to Davenport this is my preferred way: first pay a visit to Observation Tower, it is a nice stop. After that stop at Walmart Supercenter for picking up a few things!

A good one.

Observation Tower
Coker Road, Taylor County, FL
Walmart Supercenter
9570 SW 95th Circle, Marion County, FL 34481
FL 33836
The best route to Davenport from Meigs

My fav stops to Navassa from Medford Lakes

While going from Medford Lakes to Navassa I suggest you first make a stop at Party City for picking up a few things. Then visit Amazing Grace Stable, it is great! Lastly stop at The Sojourner for good shopping!

Medford Lakes
Party City
Hampshire Road, Salisbury, MD 21804-2183
Amazing Grace Stable
21383 Smiths Neck Road, Rescue, VA 23314
The Sojourner
414 South Evans Street, Greenville, NC 27858
The best route to Navassa from Medford Lakes

Use your side hustle to claim a business deduction

Freelancers and self-employed individuals are eligible for scores of tax deductions. A few of the business deductions include advertising, shipping, business-related vehicle mileage, website fees, professional publications, percentage of home internet charges used for business, office supplies, and any expenses incurred to run your business.

You can deduct tax for health, dental, or long-term insurance as well if you pay for it yourself.

Just ensure to keep all the receipts with the right documentation at the time of filing the tax.

All the way to Algona

Driving from Dunes City to Algona this is my preferred way: first of all stop by Hunter Creek Farm, it is a nice stop. Then visit Grocery Outlet for picking up a few things!

Dunes City
OR 97493
Hunter Creek Farm
Southwest Wilsonville Road, Tigard, OR 97020
Grocery Outlet
Ocean Beach Highway, Longview, WA 98626
The best route to Algona from Dunes City

To North Johns with some food added

Going from Wellford to North Johns I suggest first of all visit Waffle House for something handy to eat! After that pay a visit to Jacksonville City Pool.

Waffle House
Cornelia Highway, Bellton, GA 30507:30554
Jacksonville City Pool
B Street Southwest, Jacksonville, AL 36265
North Johns
The best route to North Johns from Wellford

I suggest this!

Driving from Galena to Brownsville make sure to first of all visit Esther's European Imports for some hit and run shopping! Then look in on Pancake Café for a great lunch. Lastly hit Madison Dressage Lessons, it is a nice stop.

IL 61036-8104
Esther's European Imports
523 1st Street, New Glarus, WI 53574
Pancake Café
6220 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg, WI 53719
Madison Dressage Lessons
8512 Weatherwood Road, Town of Berry, WI 53528
The best route to Brownsville from Galena

Going to Vicco with a stop for some training

When driving to Vicco from East Manchester Township this is a nice way: first of all stop by Moorefield Town Pool for a quick bath in in the pool. Then look in on Island Creek Baseball Field to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day)! After that stop at Man Pool. It's a nice stop.

East Manchester Township
East Manchester Township, PA
the Church at Martinsburg
50 Monroe Street, Berkeley Plaza, WV 25404
Moorefield Town Pool
Spring Avenue, Moorefield, WV 26836
Island Creek Baseball Field
Ballpark Road, Craigsville, WV 26205
Man Pool
Greenville Road, Greenville, WV 25635
The best route to Vicco from East Manchester Township

These were my stops going to College Station

Driving to College Station from Wewoka I suggest you first of all stop by Hallmark for shopping! After that visit Fate Woodcreek Swimming Pool for some swimming. Then make a stop at Golden Tea House for a caffeine kick!

OK 74884
West Main Street, Durant, OK 74701
Fate Woodcreek Swimming Pool
Woodcreek Boulevard, Fate, TX 75132
Golden Tea House
West 7th Avenue, Corsicana, TX 75110
College Station
The best route to College Station from Wewoka

A nicer trip to Battle Mountain

While going from Bodfish to Battle Mountain this is a nice way: first make a stop at Volcano Pool for a quick bath in in the pool. After that pay a visit to The HideAway to have some snacks and something to drink!

CA 93205
Volcano Pool
Inyo County, CA
The HideAway
882 South Broad Street, Battle Mountain, NV 89820
Battle Mountain
The best route to Battle Mountain from Bodfish

Short Sessions

Dogs can be pretty overwhelmed by extensive training sessions. Two hours of training for dogs is equivalent to an 8-hour session at school for you. Do you remember feeling drained at the end of those 8 hours? Your dog feels the same way and will get overwhelmed by extensive sessions.

Try out the Box method

This method is unknown to many; however, it is gradually gaining popularity among college students. As the name suggests, topics related to one another are enclosed in a box. You have to draw a designated box of questions for each topic box. This does not only cut the reading time but also reduces your editing time.

Most digital-note-taking apps use this method as the boxes can be resized or edited quickly. All you have to do is write down the notes the traditional way and then groups the related topics together. Easy, right?

Banana and Granola Cookies

Banana and granola go hand in hand. To make banana and granola cookies, mash 3 ripened and medium-sized bananas in a bowl. Add half a cup of granola to it and mix. Add sugar if you like but the natural sweetness of banana and sugar in granola should be enough for many.

You can also add semi-sweet chocolate chips for sweetness. Shape them into small cookies and bake at 200-degree Fahrenheit for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Remove and place on a cookie rack and once they are cool, store in an airtight container. They can last up to a week.  

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