Best Ways to Soften stool


Drink more water

Hard stools are the main reasons for suffering from constipation, a common problem in the gastrointestinal. In order to eliminate constipation, we must first get rid of hard stools. There are some home remedies for hard stools and among them the most easy remedy is drinking more water. Water will effectively soften the stools and get you out of the painful and uncomfortable situation of hard stool. But overdrinking can also cause massive malfunction in body metabolism. Simply follow the rule of urine color. If you have dark yellow urine, you are suffering from dehydration and you need to drink more water.

Written by Ernesto Sawyer
1 year ago

Don’t hold it in

A lot of people have a tendency to put off bowel movements when they’re not at home. They would much rather wait until they are home so they can use a familiar, comfortable place to relieve themselves. However, when stool spends a lot of time in the colon, it becomes hard.

It’s highly recommended that you attend to your body’s call when it tells you that it’s ready to evacuate. Promptly acting on bowel movements will help keep the stool softer.

Written by Leon Rivera
1 year ago

Eat more fiber

Eating fiber is always good for health. It is also a good treatment for constipation and hard stools. Fiber, the soluble fibers suck moisture. As a result stools get enough water and automatically soften itself. And the lubricants, generated by drinking water, allow the stools to move easily in the colon and thus eliminating constipation. Also fiber is very effective in reducing weight. Regular consumption of fiber can help in quick weight loss. Average men should consume 35 gram fibers and women should consume 25 gram fibers per day.

Written by Justin Burke
1 month ago

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