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Rental homes

Rental homes are also one of the options to earn compound interest. Buying and renting a house will bring a long-term and steady flow of cash. The price of the property and rent increases every year with inflation. So, there is not a high-risk in these investments. But, on the downside, it does require you to have a property and you need to manage it properly as the landlord. 

Rental homes

50-30-20 Budgeting Rule

The 50-30-20 rules are the best rule that allows you to divide your income for necessities, savings, and happy hours. It reflects the distribution as 50% of your money goes towards buying the necessities and paying bills, 30% goes towards happy hours that means eating at restaurants, buying luxury items, etc. and the remaining 20% of your income goes to savings. This moderate budget allows you to have fun, and save at the same time!

50-30-20 Budgeting Rule


If you want to be artistic and enjoy your time, cook yourself a nice meal. If you want to impress your partner or friends, cook something and invite them to try it. Use your imagination to create something delicious. Cooking is all about creativity so make sure you take your time to create something incredible. Don’t forget to take pictures!


WD-40 is a lubricant that you probably already have lying in your garage. To lubricate the door hinge, spray some WD-40 onto the door hinges regularly. Clean the excess with a cloth. The creaking sound may not go away on the first application, therefore apply whenever you see the hinge getting dry to keep it lubricated.

Always tweak based on feedback

You may be struggling with new ideas for quality content. While they need to be original, you don’t have to build them from absolute scratch. You can always choose to reformat quality content that is already available. There’s a lot of valuable content out there that may not be as engaging or have not reached as many people. You can reformat them, add further value, and build content out of it. This will help your channel grow.

Window insulation films

A window insulation film functions as a barrier between your apartment and the windows. A window insulation film kit will generally include a plastic shrink film that should be applied on the inner side of the window using double-sided tape. Heat the plastic film using a hairdryer to remove wrinkles and shrink it.

Window insulation films

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