Best Ways to Naturally lighten hair


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used by many as their haircare secret - it helps remove oil and residue buildup in your hair all while preventing frizz and tangles. But it can also be used to lighten your hair.

Any fully natural bleaching procedure will only lighten your hair subtly, and takes a lot longer to work than say, boxed bleach. But if you're only seeking to brighten up your look, mix one part apple cider vinegar and six parts water and rinse the solution through your hair. You may have to try this multiple times to get noticeable results.

Written by Maureen Stone
1 month ago

Vitamin C Tablets

Vitamin C has long been touted as a great way to naturally lighten hair. This is because of the citric acid it contains, which breaks down your hair and lightens the color. To do this, crush up a vitamin C tablet (or just use vitamin C powder), mix with water, and spray it onto your hair. Rinse and shampoo it out after about thirty minutes. Your hair will be naturally brightened and cleansed of mineral build up.

Written by Tracy Ramirez
3 months ago

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