Best Ways to Spend free time


Learn Something

You can either binge-watch YouTube videos or learn something useful on your phone. If you have got a pair of hand-frees, your phone and some free time, watch and learn something useful. Think of something you are not good at such as cleaning utensils, fixing a plug, or chopping vegetables. Even if you are in public, waiting at the dentist’s, or traveling, you can learn important life skills on the way.

Learn Something

Written by Russell Cunningham
1 week ago


Even if you get a few minutes to work-out, do it! People today are at higher risks of dying from obesity more than hunger because many of us live a sedentary lifestyle and enjoy comfort food often.

Play your favorite songs and listen to them while you do a work-out. Physical activity can also make you more active and boost your energy level.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

If you want to spend a free day, invite your family or friends over to your place. Cook with them, talk, and just enjoy time together. Watch a movie or play a board game. Remember the old days and appreciate their presence.


Written by Jonathon Johnson
1 week ago

Be an active member of an NGO

Volunteering for an NGO is one of the noblest and productive ways to spend your free time. It is a great way to help your community become prosperous. If you feel strongly about a cause, work towards it. For example, if you are privileged and want to help people below you, can spend your free time with differently-abled people and know more about their routines and daily struggles.

Innumerable social evils are rampant around us. However, you can do your part and fight against it to spread awareness. 

Written by Erica Burgess
4 days ago

Start a blog/ Be an influencer

You must have seen full-time bloggers and lifestyle influencers making their names on the internet. If you are passionate about anything, start a blog. I had an interest in fast fashion. Therefore, I made a fashion blog on Instagram and now I have 10,000 followers.

Whether it is cooking you like, eating food, or playing a sport, it is always good to come forward and show your talent and interest on a big platform like Instagram. Who knows you end up making a living off your blog?Start a blog/ Be an influencer

Written by Stephen Mcdowell
4 days ago

Read a good book

Bookworms like me always end up reading a good book in their free time. Walk to your nearest library or a book store to get your hands on a good book. I have recently borrowed a book from my high school friend and I am loving each page of it.

If you do not like going out for a book, you could simply download its PDF version with hot chocolate. A good book consumes you and takes you to another world.Read a good book

Written by Elaine Ray
4 days ago

Visit an old age home

If you do not have many friends like me, you could visit an old age home and talk to people who have no one to talk to. Many senior citizens are incapable to take care of themselves. Therefore, they move to old age homes where they feel lonely most of the time.

These people look for good company. Visiting them would brighten up your day. You can have food with them, play table games, feed them, and even crack jokes to make a good show.Visit an old age home 

Written by Luis Crawford
4 days ago


If you want to be artistic and enjoy your time, cook yourself a nice meal. If you want to impress your partner or friends, cook something and invite them to try it. Use your imagination to create something delicious. Cooking is all about creativity so make sure you take your time to create something incredible. Don’t forget to take pictures!

Written by Chris Dunn
1 week ago


To spend your free time, read a book that can help you acquire knowledge, learn to argue, and articulate your thoughts so you can become a better speaker.

Find some good books that you can read to shape your personality, change your thoughts about something, or enlighten you. It can become your favorite way to spend time because the habit of reading is addictive.

Written by Marion Reyes
1 week ago
Do you know the BEST WAY TO Spend Free Time?

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