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Romantic Gazebo Proposal

A gazebo is hands down a romantic space in a house, on the beach, or in a public park. If you want to propose to your girlfriend, find a gazebo spot that is beautiful, private, and the space is beautiful. The gazebos near a beach or lake are always the best because the wind that blows at night on water bodies has a unique freshness and magic. Hire an event planner to decorate the gazebo with lights, curtains flowers, and arrange the dinner table. Get a band to play your partner’s favorite music to treat her like a queen.

Romantic Gazebo Proposal

Use the Wet Knife Method

Rusks are hard, dry bread which are baked twice. Cutting rusks is definitely the toughest job out of the entire process. For getting the perfect slice, try the wet knife method. Basically, place in a greased pan and cut them into slices with a wet knife before putting it into the oven. Now place the pan into the oven and the cut slices marks can be traced to use slice them again. This method makes the process a whole lot easier!

There is a time to create, and a time to criticize

Most of the time you are not able to create something new is because you are criticizing what you came up with while you are creating it. Give yourself some time to think of nice and new ideas. You cannot create anything while continuously criticizing it. So, do it in parts. When you are creating something, shut your critical brain off and work on just composing. Now, take a break and then start editing and criticizing. Be the most ruthless criticizer and learn what you can do right. Now, that you know what needs to be changed, do it.

Put your pears together

Ripe pears give off ethylene gas, so store them all together in a sack or bucket. This will encourage the rest of the pears to ripen fats. As each fruit starts to ripen, it triggers the rest of the batch.

Put your pears together

Put your devices away

Looking for a way to start winding down for the day? Start by putting all your electronic devices away. It will help set a healthy habit by mentally getting you ready to turn off for the night. Putting your devices away will also help you sleep better at night. The blue light that comes from your devices can actually make it harder to fall asleep because it keeps your body from making melatonin, which controls your sleep cycle.

Honey Glazed Salmon

You will need:

·      1 tablespoon of honey

·      1 tablespoon of soy sauce

·      2 tablespoons of lemon juice       

·      1 teaspoon red chili flakes

·      3 cloves of garlic (minced)

Whisk together honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, and chili flakes in a bowl. Heat oil in a pan. When it’s boiling, add the pieces of salmon. Season with black pepper and salt. Flip and cook for a few minutes. Then add the minced garlic. Cook and coat the garlic on the fish. When the fish is 75-80% cooked, add the mixture. Baste the fish with the mixture and let it cook for a minute or two until well-glazed. Serve with thin lemon slices and drizzle of honey on top.  

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