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Purchase T-Bills

The government issues T-bills also known as treasury bills to raise capital for public projects. T-bills are a form of debt and the government pays interest to the T-bill holder in exchange for their money.

The T-bills have a 20 to 30-year long maturity and the interest payments are made semi-annually. The T-bills can be bought and sold at any time during their life at its current market price. The investment is risk-free because it is safe with the U.S government. 

Be yourself

Making a good first impression definitely involves trying to fit in to a certain extent. But you don’t need to entirely lose your original persona or pretend to be an entirely different person. Authenticity also contributes towards making a great first impression. Staying authentic will fuel your confidence and help you win the other person’s respect.

Strip Mining

This method is rather dull. Strip mining involves literally mining everything for searching the rare ore. Begin by getting to the appropriate layer (1-16 for diamonds) and dig a box-shaped outline around yourself. This should leave you with a cube of blocks in the middle. Mine it and create an open area. You’ll ultimately find what you’re looking for, but it’s going to eat away a good chunk of your time. You’ll also end up with plenty of materials, particularly Cobblestone.

Strip Mining

Shave, rinse, and mositurise

One of the best ways to bikini shave at home is to use the razor. Any razor is fine. Just make sure that the blade is sharp and clean. If the pubic hair is too long, then use a pair of scissors or a bikini trimmer to trim it. Wash the bikini area with soap to remove any moisture from there. Now, it is time to shave! While shaving ensures that you use a steady stroke in the same direction as hair growth. If there are small patches that refuse to leave, you can use any shaving gel and stroke it in the opposite direction. After shaving, rinse it off with cold water and dry it with any cotton cloth. You can also apply any alcohol-free moisturizer if that area is itching.

Be Interesting

Most people don't know how to respond to a message that just says "hey" or "wyd". Ask questions, make jokes, and be engaging so that your conversation doesn't fizzle out after two messages.Be Interesting

You could ask some questions about what they've been posting lately ("I saw you went skiing, which mountain did you go to?"), some of your mutual connections ("You're friends with Mindy? How did you two meet?"), or break the ice with a joke. Most importantly, try not to be too invasive or crude right off the bat or you risk coming off like a creep.

Just start drafting

To write and complete a novel, you have to actually start it. It sounds simple enough, but beginning the drafting process can actually be a huge mental hurdle to overcome. You may feel anxious about embarking on such a long journey. All you should be thinking about is putting down that first word. Remember that this is a first draft. It doesn't have to be perfect. You can always go back and revise. First things first, get it down on paper.

In the Oven

Making pork chops in the oven is very easy. I like to cook them in the oven since I can cook the vegetables at the same time.

The trick here is to choose a baking dish that is not too large. You want the pork chops to be tight enough so that their juices don't evaporate as they cook. Makes chops juicier.

Rub some olive oil and spices over the pork chops.

Put them in your oven.

That's! Seriously these are easy.

In the Oven

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