Best Ways to Write a book


Just start drafting

To write and complete a novel, you have to actually start it. It sounds simple enough, but beginning the drafting process can actually be a huge mental hurdle to overcome. You may feel anxious about embarking on such a long journey. All you should be thinking about is putting down that first word. Remember that this is a first draft. It doesn't have to be perfect. You can always go back and revise. First things first, get it down on paper.

Written by Erin Schmidt
2 years ago

Build an outline

Okay, so you've got an idea. Writing a book is still an incredibly daunting task, but there is a way to make it easier to manage. All you have to do is break it into manageable chunks. Creating an outline for your story can help you find your way through the story. You can structure this outline in many ways. You can base it off of your characters, key events or the 3-step exposition, climax, resolution. Choose whatever works for you and get to building your story.

Written by Essie Burns
3 weeks ago

Set measurable goals

With long projects, it can be hard to gauge your process and how much you've really finished. It can also be difficult to hold yourself accountable. A good way to help your process along is to create goals for yourself. You can do this with page count or word count. One of my favorite authors shows her process on social media by documenting whether or not she reaches her 3,000 words a day. It's okay to not make your goals every single day, but it still gives you an idea of where you're at and something to work towards.

Written by Thelma Poole
10 months ago

Build off of an idea

Every single book that you see in a bookstore or a library has started in the same place: an idea. All you need to start your manuscript is an idea that excites you. What do you want to write? What topics are you passionate about? If you try to force an idea that you aren't really committed to, writing a book will feel like an impossible chore. You have to write for yourself and your own enjoyment. It all starts with an idea.

Written by Kim Ross
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Write a Book?

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