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From Whitesville to Lagrange

If going from Whitesville to Lagrange first of all look in on Starbucks to grab a bite! After that make a stop at Baymont for some food.

16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421
1709 East Lincoln Road, Kokomo, IN 46902
The best route to Lagrange from Whitesville

Make Apple Cider Drink

Add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Give it a good mix and add mint if you like. Drink it in the morning to cut fat and get healthy. To make it extra refreshing, add some ice cubes.

A nicer trip to Ardencroft

If driving from Clinchco to Ardencroft I suggest first of all visit Valley Mall for picking up a few things. Then look in on Baseball, it is good!


VA 24229
Valley Mall
Terri Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Halfway Road, Halfway, VA 20198
The best route to Ardencroft from Clinchco

My stops from Glasgow to Forest Park

Going to Forest Park from Glasgow this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Rfg Society to grab a bite. Secondly stop by Erwin Pool. I liked it! Then stop by Doobie's Alternative Gifts for picking up a few things. Then hit IGA for some shopping!

WV 25086
Rfg Society
West Russell Street, Elkhorn City, KY 41522
Erwin Pool
Erwin Hills Road, Camelot, NC 28806
Doobie's Alternative Gifts
561 Mill Street, Sylva, NC 28779
Brookton Lula Road, Walden Woods, GA 30506
Forest Park
GA 30297
The best route to Forest Park from Glasgow

The best trip from Decatur to Town of Knowlton

Going to Town of Knowlton from Decatur this is my preferred way: first stop by Dickenson Stadium (St. Joseph High School) to break some sweat. After that visit Bayshore for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

Y.M.M.V. Though

IN 46733
Dickenson Stadium (St. Joseph High School)
Lakeshore Drive, Saint Joseph, MI 49085
Glendale, WI 53217
Town of Knowlton
The best route to Town of Knowlton from Decatur

These were my stops to Firestone from Gresham

Going from Gresham to Firestone make sure to first look in on Everest Fusion for a some food. Secondly visit Nebraska Barn & Grill for a great lunch! Finally hit Sander Furniture & Gifts for a leg stretcher.

Everest Fusion
5012 3rd Avenue, Kearney, NE 68845
Nebraska Barn & Grill
318 Platte River Drive, Gothenburg, NE 69138
Sander Furniture & Gifts
8th Street, Gothenburg, NE
The best route to Firestone from Gresham

Let me suggest this!

Going from Clarks Hill to Unionville make sure to hit Eastland Mall for shopping!

Better than going straight.

Clarks Hill
Eastland Mall
1615 East Empire Street, Bloomington, IL 61701
Tesla Motors Destination Charger
222 Southwest Adams Street, Peoria, IL 61602
The best route to Unionville from Clarks Hill

In the refrigerator

If you don’t plan on chugging down your macarons on the first day itself, it’s best to place them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge where they will stay fresh for up to 3 days.

Before serving, though, you’ll need to take the macarons out 20 minutes beforehand. Macarons taste the best when eaten at room temperature.

Splice wires

Using a piece of heat shrink is a very effective, seamless way of splicing two wires. Here is how you use a heat shrink in wire splicing. First, cut a piece of heat shrink and enter it into one of the wires. Make sure the heat shrink is far away from the splicing area. Now then splice the wires and hold them steady with the help of scotch tapes. Then solder the exposed parts. After soldering, bring the heat shrink on the exposed part and heat it to shrink and hold the wires tightly.

Let me suggest this!

Driving from Roseland to Blackstone make sure to first make a stop at Chelsea Dry Goods for getting yourself some small treats :-). Next stop by The Paper Store for some shopping! Then stop at Caffery's for some sweat. Next stop by Horsebarn Hill Arena for some horse back riding.

NJ 07068
Chelsea Dry Goods
2 Main Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
The Paper Store
I 95, Stratford, CT 06615
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Middletown, CT 06457
Horsebarn Hill Arena
Horsebarn Hill Road, Mansfield, CT 06269
MA 01504
The best route to Blackstone from Roseland

The best trip from Lebanon to Siler City

Going to Siler City from Lebanon first of all visit Wicker Place for some shopping. Lastly pay a visit to Orangetheory Fitness. It's a nice stop!

Wicker Place
Centreville Road, Yorkshire, VA 20110
Orangetheory Fitness
15813 City View Drive, Midlothian, VA 23113
Siler City
NC 27344
The best route to Siler City from Lebanon

A nice way to Velva

Driving to Velva from Collegeville first of all look in on Inspiration Peak! After that visit Thunder Coffee for a little something to eat.

MN 56321
Inspiration Peak
120th Street, Otter Tail County, MN
Thunder Coffee
300 Sheyenne Street, West Fargo, ND 58078
Trinity Church
62nd Street Southeast, Casey Township, ND
The best route to Velva from Collegeville

Going to Drakesville with some some swimming added

While driving to Drakesville from Zenda first look in on Emporia Aquatic Center. I liked it! Lastly hit War Memorial. I liked it.

Emporia Aquatic Center
Kansas Turnpike, Coronado Hills, KS
War Memorial
Park Avenue, Cameron, MO 64429
The best route to Drakesville from Zenda

A nicer trip to Santa Teresa

Driving from Levelland to Santa Teresa make sure to first of all pay a visit to Physical Education Center for training! Lastly stop by amazing view for a great experience.

TX 79336
Physical Education Center
West Martin Street, Roswell, NM 88203
amazing view
C4-030, Chaves County, NM
Santa Teresa
NM 88008
The best route to Santa Teresa from Levelland

A good way to Coopers Mills from Hewlett Neck

Going to Coopers Mills from Hewlett Neck make sure to visit Fairfield Inn & Suites for a night.

Hewlett Neck
Storrs Community Church
90 Tolland Turnpike, Tolland, CT 06238
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Allen Street, Exeter, NH 03833
Coopers Mills
The best route to Coopers Mills from Hewlett Neck

A nice route to Prairie du Chien

When going from Culver to Prairie du Chien first visit Bistro 63 for a great lunch. Next stop by Nate & Ally's for some scoops of awesome ice cream!

Bistro 63
29 3/4 Avenue, Town of Lakeland, WI 54813
Nate & Ally's
East 3rd Street, Winona, MN 55987
Prairie du Chien
The best route to Prairie du Chien from Culver

Let me suggest this!

If driving from Marengo to Marquette visit Red Bike Ice Cream for a cone of ice cream.

Red Bike Ice Cream
The Pines walking path, Urbana, IL 61802
Tesla Supercharger
Plaza Drive, Peru, IL 61354
IA 52158
The best route to Marquette from Marengo

These were my stops to Winside from Charles City

Driving to Winside from Charles City this is my preferred way: stop by Lake City Drive-In for some tasty sorbet.

I welcome feedback!

Charles City
IA 50616
Lake City Drive-In
808 West Main Street, Lake City, IA 51449
The best route to Winside from Charles City

My stops going to Yellville

When going from Kirbyville to Yellville this is my preferred way: first look in on Mansfield Historic District for a leg stretcher with extras :). After that stop at Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park for a leg stretcher! Finally make a stop at America's Best Value Inn for a small treat.

TX 75956
Mansfield Historic District
Adams Street, Mansfield, LA 71052
Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park
100, Porterville, LA 71071
America's Best Value Inn
Hines Boulevard, Prescott, AR 71857
AR 72687
The best route to Yellville from Kirbyville

Why not this trip?

If going from Madison to Orono this is a good way: make a stop at Calf Fiend Cafe for a cup of coffee and something to eat!

Calf Fiend Cafe
East 2nd Street, Redwood Falls, MN 56283
MN 55323
The best route to Orono from Madison

Going to Hales Corners with a stop for some swimming

If going from Seaton to Hales Corners a way would be to first of all hit Kamy Field, it is a nice stop. Next look in on Read Park Pool, it is great! Next stop at TCBY for some yummy gelato.

Kamy Field
266th Street North, Rock Island County, IL 61242
Read Park Pool
Park Lane Drive, Freeport, IL 61032
503 Peck Avenue, Clinton, WI 53525
Hales Corners
WI 53130
The best route to Hales Corners from Seaton

Going to Walker with some some sporting added

Going from El Lago to Walker I suggest first of all pay a visit to Tennis Court for some exercise! Then stop at Seafood Palace for a lunch or dinner.

El Lago
Tennis Court
Woodworth Boulevard, Port Arthur, TX 77640
Seafood Palace
2218 Enterprise Boulevad, Lake Charles, LA 70601
The best route to Walker from El Lago

From Dowagiac to De Soto with some some exercising added

Driving from Dowagiac to De Soto I suggest first of all look in on Recreation Center for training! Then hit Muddy Feet Hot Yoga.

Recreation Center
South 4th Street, DeKalb, IL 60115
Muddy Feet Hot Yoga
South 1st Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52240
De Soto
IA 50069
The best route to De Soto from Dowagiac

A nicer way to Perla from Osyka

Driving from Osyka to Perla make sure to hit Walmart Supercenter for some shopping.

Walmart Supercenter
6091 Mer Rouge Road, Bastrop, LA 71220
The best route to Perla from Osyka

Going to Mount Sterling with a stop for some ice cream

Driving to Mount Sterling from White Marsh make sure to first stop by sweetFrog for some yummy sorbet. After that visit Coonskin Pool. It's great!

White Marsh
MD 21326
Jerry Dove Drive, Bridgeport, WV 26330
Coonskin Pool
Elk River Trail, Elk Forest, WV 25311
Mount Sterling
KY 40353
The best route to Mount Sterling from White Marsh

My fav stops going to Price

Driving to Price from Willow Beach make sure to first of all look in on Horse Corral, it is great! After that hit Horse Corral for some horse back riding. Finally pay a visit to Kenny Rays to have some snacks and something to drink!

Willow Beach
Horse Corral
Zion Drive, Glamping, UT
Horse Corral
Zion Drive, Glamping, UT
Kenny Rays
North Main Street, Panguitch, UT 84759
The best route to Price from Willow Beach

Set SMART Goals

Your budget is highly dependent on your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. S.M.A.R.T. acronym is a good way of setting your financial goals. It is explained as under.

- Specific - State your goal in a few well-chosen words. “We want to own a condo in the Bahamas.”

- Measurable - How will you figure out that you have achieved your goal? “How much will the condo cost?”

- Achievable - The goal should be something that you can achieve financially. “Can we save that much given our current and predicted future income?”

- Realistic - Even if it is achievable, does it really make sense in your situation? “What will we have to adjust and give up and are we comfortable with that?”

- Time-based - Your timeline will tell you whether it's a short-term, medium-term, or long-term goal. “How long will this take?”

From Coon Rapids to Long Pine with some some training added

While driving to Long Pine from Coon Rapids I suggest first of all visit Omaha Nation Swimming Pool to break some sweat. Finally make a stop at Black Horse Inn for a small treat!

Coon Rapids
IA 50059
Omaha Nation Swimming Pool
453 Skunk Hollow Drive, Macy, NE 68039
Black Horse Inn
Hengstler Avenue, Creighton, NE 68729
Long Pine
The best route to Long Pine from Coon Rapids

A nice way to Calliham from Bronte

When driving from Bronte to Calliham this is a good way: first of all look in on Brady School Sports for great training. Secondly stop at Equestrian Center, it is a nice stop! After that visit B-57 Canberra, it is great.

Brady School Sports
Niblock, Brady, TX
Equestrian Center
Flaming Arrow Road South, Hunt, TX 78024
B-57 Canberra
Truemper Street, San Antonio, TX 78227
TX 78007
The best route to Calliham from Bronte

Why not this trip?

Driving from Carnesville to Sims make sure to first of all hit Union County Stadium to get that body going! Finally visit Jumping Off Rock for a leg stretcher.

Union County Stadium
Kirby Street, Union, SC 29379
Jumping Off Rock
Immer, NC
The best route to Sims from Carnesville

My stops going to Nellysford

While going to Nellysford from Gibraltar I suggest you first visit Riesbecks for some shopping. Next stop at SnoBiz for some awesome ice cream!

Zion Church
River Corners Road, Homer Township, OH 44275
Barnesville Bethesda Road, Barnesville, OH 43713
Park Shopping Center, Parkersburg, WV 26101:26104
VA 22958
The best route to Nellysford from Gibraltar

Properly stack the lumber

Besides temperature, one of the key factors in drying wood is to properly stack the lumber. In stacking, you have the landscape timbers, the stickers and the lumber itself. Experts recommend choosing a dry place to stack the wood. The landscape timbers that keep the lumber high above the ground have to be solid and sturdy. Using 18 timbers is moderate because it provides enough space for the woods below to dry up. The stickers that separate the layers, must be dried woods and also narrow. The best place to put stickers are the sides and the center. You should carefully stack up your lumber. Take advice from a local timber manufacturer if necessary.

Approach with caution

As prey animals, bunnies are naturally cautious and do not appreciate being pet by someone they don't know. Approach a bunny from a direction that it can see you, go slow, and don't make any sudden movements or else you might startle it. Gently put out your hand a couple inches from its face and let it sniff you to get a good idea of your scent. When it seems like it's relaxed a little, slowly move your hand towards the top of its head and give it a gentle pet. If it flinches or hesitates, go even slower or put your hand back altogether. It takes time to earn a bunny's trust, but your patience will soon be rewarded.

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