Best Ways to Pet a bunny


Approach with caution

As prey animals, bunnies are naturally cautious and do not appreciate being pet by someone they don't know. Approach a bunny from a direction that it can see you, go slow, and don't make any sudden movements or else you might startle it. Gently put out your hand a couple inches from its face and let it sniff you to get a good idea of your scent. When it seems like it's relaxed a little, slowly move your hand towards the top of its head and give it a gentle pet. If it flinches or hesitates, go even slower or put your hand back altogether. It takes time to earn a bunny's trust, but your patience will soon be rewarded.

Written by Estella Koch
1 year ago

Approach Your Bunny in a Friendly Way

Bunnies are quite popular as pets. They require nurturing, love and affection so that they can get used to you. Just like any animal, the first time you will meet them they will be reluctant and shy away from you. So, the first step is to sit beside them but don’t touch them, they will come to you if they want to. If you see them approaching you, then put pet them on their cheeks gently. You will be friends with them in no time if you follow this!

Written by Alexandra Stewart
1 month ago

Pet your Bunny in the Way it Loves

Bunnies are gentle animals. To gain their trust, you will have to be patient. When you approach them for the first time, make your hands visible and do not move. Sometimes bunnies can get anxious if the person in front of them looks dangerous. Then sit with them and pet them on the areas they love. You can try putting the bunny on its shoulder, cheeks, and head and behind the ears softly. If you see them enjoying, keep on doing it and feed them something. It will be good way to bond with them.

Written by Jordan Valentine
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Pet a Bunny?

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