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End it with a Question

When you want your audience to ponder for a few days after they leave the hall, go for a thought-provoking question.

For a spiritual speech, where you teach the audience that anxiety and stress is a product of our minds and God and other humans have not created them, a great question will be “When you leave this hall and go on with life and all the stress and anxiety that comes along, sit and ask yourself on depressing days, why are you suffering? Who is making you suffer? Is it God who is making you suffer or is it you?

End it with a Question

Resistance training

Strength training is a good way to build muscle, which in turn helps boost metabolism. The metabolic rate of muscle mass is higher as compared to fat which means your body will require more energy for preserving the muscle mass. Aging can cause a person’s body to naturally lose muscle. Incorporating resistance training into your routine can help counteract this aging effect. Resistance training could involve weight-lifting and other exercises where you need to use your body’s weight or resistance bands for building muscle.

Resistance training

Make charitable donations

Charitable contributions made with checks, payroll deduction, cash, and donation of clothing and goods are all deductible. People usually forget to add their non-cash contributions while filing taxes. You need to itemize your charity to claim a deduction.


Meditation address almost all health and wellness issues. But its scope is much wider, and it can help you improve your spiritual health as well. With all the work and commitments we juggle, it’s important to carve out some time when you can connect with yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be early morning; you can meditate anytime during the day that you’re able to find the time. Just 10 minutes every day will help you nurture a deeper relationship with yourself and promote spiritual health.


Tubal ligation for women

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure similar to vasectomy, but this is for women. They are almost 100 percent effective to prevent pregnancy. It takes a few days to recover from the surgery and there will be no change in day-to-day life, sexual functions, and periods. Reversing a tubal ligation does not guarantee your fertility will return.

Birth Control Implant

The birth control implant (also known as Nexplanon) is a small, thin rod about a matchstick's size. The implant releases hormones in your body that prevent you from getting pregnant. A nurse or doctor inserts the implant into your arm, and that's it - you're protected against pregnancy for up to 5 years. It is a contraceptive method that you can get and forget.

The hormones in the birth control implant prevent pregnancy in two ways:

-Progestin thickens the mucus in the cervix, preventing sperm from swimming to the egg. When a sperm cannot meet an egg, pregnancy cannot occur.

-Progestin can also prevent eggs from leaving the ovaries (called ovulation), so there are no eggs to fertilize. When no eggs are released, you cannot get pregnant.


Zesters are designed to make shallow cuts on the lemon’s skin which peels off the oil-filled skin while keeping the pith intact. Run the zester’s sharp end down through the lemon without applying too much pressure. Once you begin to slide, you’ll begin to feel how much pressure you need to apply for producing the perfect ribbons of your lemon (or any other citrus). Don’t use the zester over the same area twice, or you might penetrate the pith.

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