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Enjoy the sunset

San Francisco and California, in general, are known for their amazing sunsets. So, plan your spots such that you can reach there during the time of sunset and enjoy the awesome spots. Few of the best places to visit in San Francisco are:

Twin Peaks. Enjoy the view of the entire city from the top of Twin Peaks. It is a short hike of 1 mile from your parking space to the top because of Covid regulations.

Ghirardelli Square: Park your car at Ghirardelli square and explore the area. You can see the beautiful Lombard street and click a picture of the road that is not full of traffic. You can get a sundae from Ghirardelli shop and enjoy it while sitting at Pier 39. 

Golden Gate Bridge: You cannot go to San Francisco and miss this spot. Enjoy the sunset from here and click a lot of windy pics from here.

Golden Gate Park: You might think they are the same, but they are not. It is a beautiful park with green lush everywhere. Just sit in solitude and spend some peaceful time with yourself here.

Palace of fine arts: If you love ancient architecture, you will like this place. The structure of the palace is divine and the little pond in the beginning just adds beauty to it.

Enjoy the sunset

Coverage Concealer or Foundation

Makeup can always do the trick. Thanks to the extreme coverage concealers and foundations. Wear a concealer on the hickey and if required also use foundation on top. Don’t make the mistake of wearing make-up on just the hickey or it might look like you are hiding just the hickey.

Coverage Concealer or Foundation

Wear foundation on the face and neck. To complete the look, put on sheer lipstick, some eye shadow, and mascara if you want to do a quick and natural make-up look.

Sprinkle some thoughtfulness

This is a moment that you and your better half are going to talk about for the rest of your life, so don’t be in a rush and make it a moment you’ll feel proud talking about. It’s fine if it’s not something adventurous or doesn’t require you to empty your bank account – just make sure you put sincere effort into it.

Sprinkle some thoughtfulness

If you nail the moment, it’s going to become a lifelong memory that you’ll share with your kids. If you screw it up, your potential bride might just make things very unpleasant for you.

Staircase method

The staircase method is the most ideal way to pave your way to the world’s depths efficiently and safely. The method involves doing exactly what the name suggests – start digging yourself down at an angle of 45 degrees such that you leave a staircase-pattern behind you. Dig one block deeper than the previous one with each step. This way, you can return to the surface by simply jumping your way up. The staircase covers plenty of ground and is a very common method of successfully finding diamonds.

Lower Back Rotation

Lie comfortably on the floor with your legs straight with your arms extended in a straight line at shoulder height. Now bend your knees and move your hips to the left side first so that both legs move to the left and touch the ground. Bring it back to the center and repeat the same on the other side.

Work with other artists

Sometimes, writing music can be frustrating without someone to turn to for help. If you feel stuck, try reaching out to other writers for advice. Collaborating with other songwriters can be a great way to produce a project that gains traction. It's also interesting to have different perspectives working on the same piece. It may help you look at songwriting, and music in general, in a completely different light. Build a group of writers and get to work!

Use Bleach

If your hair is darker, and you want to color your hair any color lighter than it already is, you need to use bleach.

It is recommended that you bleach your hair at a salon, but it is possible to do at home. Depending on how dark your hair is, and your desired result, you may have to apply two or more times. It is best to lighten your hair little by little. If you do it all at once, you can cause serious damage. The maximum that you can go at once is three shades, or levels, at a time.

You will need a rattail comb (or any comb with a pointed end), an application brush, and some alligator clips.

Before you use any harsh chemical on your body, especially bleach, make sure to test a small patch of skin with the product to ensure you won't have an allergic reaction.

Once done, you can start the bleaching process. Mix your bleach and developer as per the manufacturer's instructions and separate your hair into sections using the alligator clips. Apply the bleach to your hair using the brush, or gloved fingers, one section at a time, trying to get as little as possible on your scalp.

Let sit for as long as the manufacturer recommends (you can also rub some bleach off of a strand to see approximately how light it is) and rinse immediately. Follow with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to be extra careful while you're handling your hair, as it will be extra sensitive.

Paint the House

To increase the value of your house, you need to keep it in the best and working condition. Even if you plan on living in the house, a few changes or additions here and there can make you feel good about your property.

Depending on the materials you have used on the house’s walls and the weather conditions, you should get it painted within 3-7 years. Some wall paints on cement walls can last as long as 10 years while the wood stain would need staining and polish after 3 years or sooner if you live in a location that receives showers all year round.

Paint the House

A fresh coat of paint can make the house look new and clean. If you are planning to sell the house or maintain its value, painting the house when needed can make the property stay pricey.

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