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Friends and family first

If you’re just starting out on YouTube, your best bet would be to market through social media. Get as many of your friends to watch the videos as you possibly can. Ask them to spread the word. Engage with your audience and reply to comments. And if you receive any feedback, good or bad, welcome it. Promoting your YouTube channel on social media is among the easiest ways to grow the community. I’m thinking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

Compliment their Personality

Compliments that are genuine and positive help improve a person’s mental health and are crucial for building long-term relationships. If you like to spend time with them and like their confidence or any other personality trait, give them a compliment about it. Most individuals who display a particular trait have worked long enough to be like that, so complimenting their personality traits will reaffirm that and make them happy.

Have a Fun Day

Although you are at home and it sounds boring to propose at home, you can still make the proposal magical. Order comfort food, a bunch of your favorite snacks, flowers, candles, skincare products, and whatever you and your partner like or want. Check what your partner has on their wish-list or in their cart on the shopping app they use the most and buy it. Decorate the room with helium balloons, light scented candles, or use flowers to make it interesting. Make a gift basket for your partner and load it with perfumes, chocolates, and a huge teddy bear. Do the decoration when the partner is asleep or busy in a Zoom meeting. Decorate the room, place the gift basket on one corner of the bed or a table and the open box with the ring in the middle. 

Show Them You are a Real Person

When a girl or a guy is reading your text, they should be able to see who you are. When you slide into their DMs make sure that you show them through your texts, calls, or by sending pictures, that you are not fake. Send a picture of you with your family or at your friend’s wedding. Talk to the person about what you studied and at which college and what do you like to do when you are free. When the other person thinks you are a genuine and real guy behind the screen, they might say yes to going out with you. 

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