Best Ways to Compliment someone


Compliment their Personality

Compliments that are genuine and positive help improve a person’s mental health and are crucial for building long-term relationships. If you like to spend time with them and like their confidence or any other personality trait, give them a compliment about it. Most individuals who display a particular trait have worked long enough to be like that, so complimenting their personality traits will reaffirm that and make them happy.

Written by Janelle Lopez
5 months ago

Say it

So, you just met this girl and she is positive and she’s filling the room with so much energy. Don’t wait or hesitate to compliment her. Say whatever you feel as long as it’s a positive compliment and doesn’t sound rude. If for some reason they don’t like the compliment, apologize to them.

Written by Dorothy White
7 months ago

Have Good Intentions

Some people like to compliment others to flatter them and gain something. If you are trying to befriend someone to take advantage, don’t do it. You have to be genuine when you give each other compliments. A lot of people can feel it when you give them fake compliments so it is necessary to have good intentions behind a compliment.

Written by Dustin Hunter
6 months ago

Don’t Just Compliment Physical Appearance

It feels great to know that you look good in that dress but what about all the other days you wore something else? Instead of complimenting physical appearance, compliment something that stays the same about them such as their beautiful smile or their amazing sense of humor. This way, they’ll always remember your compliments.

Don’t Just Compliment Physical Appearance

Written by Ann Berry
3 years ago

Spread Happiness

The reason for a compliment does not have to be something extraordinary. Compliments can spread happiness and joy. If a compliment can spread a smile on your co-worker’s or a stranger’s face, then why not? Tell your co-worker that you like to be around her and a stranger; how beautiful their children are. These small compliments don’t cost you anything but they can make their day.

Written by Lori Morgan
8 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Compliment Someone?

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