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Joint Ventures

If you know other non-competing businesses that are trying to market to the same audience as you, you could partner with such businesses and come up with advertising and promotion strategies that are mutually beneficial. Essentially, joint ventures allow you to leverage the brand value, trust, and credibility of the non-competing business – and extend the same benefit to the other party. 


A sideways part looks equally beautiful when you are dressing up for a formal day or staying casual. Comb your hair backward and detangle them. When the hair is nicely brushed. Use the highest point of your eyebrow as the standard, and with the comb’s tail create a line straight up till the highest point of your head and part.

Brush the hair nicely to the side. You can opt for a left or right part depending on where the hair follicles can easily be turned. Parting the hair strictly can also give you a headache if your hair follicles are sensitive.


Mosquito repellent lotion or spray

Lotions or sprays that contain DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or eucalyptus or lemon oil are the best choices to keep mosquitoes away. However, the repellent will need to be reapplied every couple of hours depending on the product’s formula. The rear of the pack will generally have instructions about when it needs to be reapplied. These lotions are safe for children aged above 2 months, so feel free to use them on your children as well.

Cramming 3 days before

Day 1 = Scan material with Quick Highlighter / Watch all lectures at 1.5x speed.

Day 2 and 3 = Skip to practice exams immediately (or repeat all HWs if you don't have them). Eat well and sleep for about 6 hours. Don't bother making flashcards or anything else, but jot down what you missed and come back to the material afterward.

Do 30 jumps every two hours to keep blood flowing. Don't play with caffeine, you will regret it. Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.

The basics

Making coffee in a French press is much like making coffee using any other method. The only difference is how coarse the beans will be ground.

If you can find one, look for a "French press" style bean, which means that it is ground a little bit coarser than other beans, which might pass through the filter and give you little grainy bits at the bottom of your cup.

If you're grinding them yourself, they should be the texture of coarse sand. You should be able to see distinct pieces, but none no bigger than 1/4 of a centimeter at the very biggest. Add two tablespoons of coffee to your French press per cup of coffee you're making (2 cups=4 tbsp, 3 cups=6 tbsp, and so on)

Your water should be around 80 degrees Celsius, or just before boiling. Gently pour your water over the coffee, ensuring that every grain gets soaked, and let sit for five minutes. Gently press the top of the French press down, and you're done.

Uptime Checker Tool

Uptime is the period when your Website is up and running. Checking the uptime is relatively easy; search online for an Uptime Checker Tool. You only have to submit Your URL to check the availability of your website. Depending on the checker you are using, click the Analyze button, then the tool runs an analysis.

After the website uptime test, you will immediately receive the results of the standard operating state of your website. You will also find other details about the website.

Make Goals

Making goals every night for the next day helps you get out of bed and get going the next day. Think about what lies ahead and how many things are yet unaccomplished. Create a list in your mind and go to sleep. Don’t overthink about your goals but make sure you keep them in mind.

Right after you wake up, remember the goals. This can help you stay on track and achieve the daily goals. Even if you find yourself procrastinating or distracted, remember the goals and how much they mean to you. Nothing can motivate us better than our desire to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. 

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