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Indirect Proposal

If you know that your boyfriend wants to propose but is confused and can’t find the right place and way to do it, let his best friend or a family member know what you’ll like him to do. But don’t let the boyfriend find out, you planted the idea for the proposal. You can tell him that it was your idea after you are engaged. If you bring up the conversation about the proposal before the proposal it will ruin the surprise.


If there’s one way to unplug and rejuvenate yourself right from the comfort of your bedroom – it’s meditation.

Put on some meditation music and light some candles for a relaxing ambiance.

Sit in a comfortable position with some pillows on the floor and lose yourself.

Thinking about absolutely nothing and just connecting with your inner self has countless benefits for your mental health and can help you decompress without ever having to leave your house – so convenience is never an issue.

Don’t Give them Mixed Feelings

If the guy you are hugging is just a guy friend, you should not give them intimate hugs. Hugging them for longer might make them think that you are interested in them or give them mixed feelings. Keep your hugs short or give them a side hug if you have to. 

Odor inside the Microwave

Microwaves start to smell horrible from time to time if they aren’t cleaned or not cleaned well. To remove the fishy odor from the microwave, dip the regular cleaning towel with lemon or vinegar and wipe the inside of the microwave.

Make sure to use enough lemon juice so that the microwave smells like a fresh lemon. Let the microwave door open to air dry. The lemon or vinegar smells should go away quickly and won’t bother you if you don’t like it, but it will leave the microwave squeaky clean, germ and odor-free.

Odor inside the Microwave

Keep liquids in easy reach

Always place your toiletries at the top of your suitcase. You never know when you might need it. Also, think twice before you place anything in the bag. Ask yourself, do you need it? If it is in the "Just in case if I need it" category, then remove it.

Keep liquids in easy reach

Make physical adjustments

To hold your pee with no bathroom in sight, you should avoid shaking or jarring your body too much. Move around puts pressure on your bladder and increases the urgency to pee. If you want to hold pee, sit still, and do not go for a walk or jog.

If you are already sitting, adjust yourself in a comfortable position. If that position makes you uncomfortable after some time, reposition yourself. Moreover, avoid sudden movements.

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