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Foam Board

Foam boards are inexpensive and great for insulation especially when the walls of the basement are ready. The foam boards come in industrial precut sizes and are easy to install. They are sealed in place with adhesive sprays and caulk. 

Don’t let your top and bottom teeth touch each other

This seems obvious but you will be shocked by how many people smile like this. When you smile, if your top and bottom teeth touch each other, then it makes your neck muscle tense. It looks unflattering. Keep a small space between your two rows of teeth for a softer, natural look.

Change your diet

The best diet to manage epilepsy is the ketogenic diet as it focuses on consuming a higher ratio of healthy fats. It is a low-protein, low-carb diet. The eating patterns in a ketogenic diet decrease seizures, however, doctors do not know why.

Children with epilepsy often follow a ketogenic diet but many of them find the eating restrictions challenging. It also complements other methods to reduce episodes. Maintaining a ketogenic diet reduced my seizures within 5 months.


Epilepsy is no joke. It is a neurological disorder that causes abnormal behavior. Epilepsy can be a serious barrier in life. Especially when it is frequent and the seizures are too powerful to control. In this case you can always contact your doctor. Other things you can do are meditation and talking about your medicine regularly. Medication is very effective. Not only can it deal with seizure of epilepsy but also it can make you strong enough to get over it.

Understanding the Reasons for Relapse

When you relapse, you focus on the failure part that you could not do it. This is the biggest mistake because it deprives you of your ability to recognize why you relapsed. Understanding the reasons for relapse and what triggered it can help you avoid the situation in the future and avoid relapsing again. 

Understanding the Reasons for Relapse

Shaggy Afro

An uneven center part is great for adding more volume and lift to your roots. But if you have naturally voluminous hair then you can go for a more structured mid-parting. The contrast of natural afro with severe parting is a stunning style.

Shaggy Afro

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