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Meet Your Friend’s Friends

When your friends are going out with their friends and invite you, tag along. You might think that you won’t be able to get along or have a boring day but later you’ll be happy to know them. Friends of your friends are good and friendly people who can become your friends too. When they are throwing a party and inviting their friends, join them or when you throw a party, ask them to bring their friends. This increases the number of people you know and the more people you meet and know, you’ll be finding people who you can ask out. A lot of people met their partner at a mutual friend’s house or were introduced by a mutual friend so be willing to meet your friend’s friends. 

Make a Budget

Making a budget is easy and you can do it in minutes but sticking to the same budget is the hard job. You cannot stick to a $200 weekly budget if you spend $400 per week. To make a budget that you follow, you need to keep realistic expectations from yourself. A budget is supposed to help you recognize where your money is going, so make a budget that is not much different from the way you spend money. If you really want to cut down your expenses, cut down 10-20% expenses. 

Make a Budget


Eating cilantro is connected with an increased level of Vitamin C production in the body. Vitamin C helps our body produce collagen. Cilantro is also a great detoxifying agent, and it is therefore added to weight loss smoothies. Incorporate cilantro in your diet to reduce the signs of aging and detoxify the body.


Plug the leaks

If you’ve got cracks or openings on the wall, the sound is going to sneak through. Plug these gaps or holes using acoustical caulk. Also, if you believe your door isn’t blocking out the sound well, consider adding weatherstripping to door frames, and fitting sweeps to the bottoms of the doors. 

Be Clever in Structuring the Text

The success of getting a “YES” from asking someone out over a text depends on a lot of things. First of all, it’s necessary to know whether the girl reciprocates your feelings in the same way or not. If you get the green signal, start crafting your text in a clever way. Don’t come off too strong but don’t leave room for any confusion as well. Make it clear that you like her in a romantic way and perhaps ask her for a coffee.

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